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Here is where I answer your questions and some I invented myself! 

  • Why did you start blogging and why is your blog called "Bug Creator"? 
The long and short of it is that I needed a creative outlet. My family and friends were getting tired of looking at my "new awesome projects." I needed to be able to show them off to MORE PEOPLE! 

Also I just love to write. It helps to keep my thoughts organized. 

The blog is called Bug Creator because... No biggie really... my son is nick named bug... and I created him! Therefore I am the "bug creator". :P Catchy if ya ask me!

  • How do you fit it all into your schedule?
That is still as of right now a work in progress! With a toddler it is virtually impossible to have any sort of "set schedule." I have to be flexible. Sometimes I don't get to touch blogging or sewing until 11pm or later! 

  • What are "not so wordless Mondays"? 
Not so wordless Mondays is the one day a week where I share with you what my son and I did the week before. Any big events in our life or projects that have not quite made it up on the blog yet! 

  • What are "Flip Off Fridays"? 
Flip Off Fridays are uh-mazing! It was started by GiGi at it is a way to destress and tell the world to go take a flying leap! I look forward to Fridays and actually start writing my post earlier in the week so I do not forget to flip off anybody(thing)!

  • What are "link it up Saturdays"? 
Link it up Ssaturdays is one big ol linky party! You can add your favorite creation from that week and everyone gets to see what you made. It is a great way to get blog views and comments! Don't be shy! 

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