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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stop touching my baby!!

"Stranger danger! Stranger danger!"

In grade school we were taught to scream that and run if there was a stranger approaching us or soliciting our help from a car. Remember that? 

I find myself wanting to scream it when random strangers come up to me in wal-mart and try to touch my child. 

Seriously why do people want to "pet" my child? Yes he has a head full of hair... Yes he is so big!
But please refrain from feeding and touching the child he bites ! 

So in order to ward off the germs and germs of strangers (at least when my child is asleep cause otherwise he hates being covered) I made a car seat cover! 

Here is my new little cover... it is 1 yd of outside fabric and 1 yd of inside fabric plus left overs for the handles :) It is so easy I am not even going to post a tutorial however if you Google... there are plenty out there I am sure! 

(Sorry I know I should have ironed it before pictures since it has been waded up in my car for 2 days) 

So that is my adventure... 

Oh and did I mention that I am going to Florida for 3 weeks? I am going for a visit and to pick up my sister for the summer. I am also going to take into consideration moving myself and my son there permanently. 

So 3 weeks of vacation /job hunting / place hunting... here I come!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So for the last week or so my almost 4 month old has decided that he is going to go from god sent baby to DEMON CHILD! 
I am talking complete with the horns, arrow shaped tail, and pointy stick! 
It usually starts late afternoon (but is not limited to this time) He will get very whiny so I feed him his bottle and try to get him down for a nap (or bed for the night). this means it is time to scream. He will pitch a royal tantrum.
Full out getting stiff slamming feet down and throwing arms around tantrum. The first time he did this I was concerned that it might be his reflex (because he had just ate)... Than I noticed him doing it at other times... And I have come to a conclusion...
Something has replaced my normally good child with another child that looks exactly like him. 



Friday, May 14, 2010

Giveaway over at 1boy+1girl

Have you checked out the latest giveaway over at 1boy+1girl=a happy mom? If not you should!

She is featuring a giveaway by Little Pink Plum! Absolutely adorable mirrors!

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Happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers!!! (Giveaway)

One of my favorite bloggers Melissa over at "The Polka Dot Chair" is having a birthday!!! While I have not had the chance to get to know this lovely lady, other than through her blog posts, I already feel like I know her. 

In honor of her own birthday and her pattern company:

She is having a giveaway here today! 

She is for sure a great lady to be giving away something on her own birthday when she really should be receiving lots of goodies!

Not only is she giving away 5 very amazing patterns that I am dieing to try. Not to mention trying to figure out how to fit them in my single mommy budget just in case I don't win them :P 

But she has graciously added in this fabric!


So head on over to "The Polka Dot Chair" and check her out!
You won't be disappointed! I promise! 

Happy birthday again melissa! Hope it's a great one!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Kids Clothes Week Challenge!

Over at the Elsie Marley Blog they are having KIDS CLOTHES WEEK! 
A challenge to sew for your kiddos for one hour a day... !

Just what I needed! Some motivation to get some things done! 
While I really should be sewing clothes for him I may just throw some toys in there too :P 

Anyone else going to participate? 

Single mom's on Mother's day.

Being a mother is not an easy job, being a single mother is not any easier! 

As a single mother I struggle everyday with the choices of what is good or bad for my child, just like any mother, yet I have no significant other to discuss it with and to share the responsibility. 

Mother's day is another one of those fabulous hallmark holidays where on tv all you see is...

-Father's bringing the mother's breakfast in bed
-Father and child making mommy something
-Father and child shopping together and surprising mommy...

See a trend here? Why can there not be a commercial where the single mother and her kids go shopping together for her mother's day gift. 

I personally was dreading my first mother's day. While yes, my mother got me a card from my son. And yes, I did get a shirt as a gift from my grandparents, but it was just not the same.

I sat there watching most of my friends post on facebook about all the amazing things that their husbands were doing for them (i.e. taking care of the kids, letting them nap, taking them out , etc...) while I was sitting at home taking care of my 3 month old son and begging him to take a nap so that I could wash bottles and do laundry. 

I have to say I was feeling pretty sorry for myself at this point. But than I came across a post by a wonderful woman over at Crap I've Made, called "on mothering". It was my inspiration! 

She says at one point " I realized that this was my life for the next 20 years minimum and I had 2 choices. I could be miserable every day for 20 years, or I could learn to find joy."

It made me realize that I should learn to appreciate every day with my child and as my inspiring blogger stated, "Not gonna first it was a lot of effort and a lot of making conscious decisions. I'd find happiness in having a clean sink or showering before noon or whatever." 
I know it won't be easy, but I'll be damned if I am going to let a tv commercial ruin mother's day for me!

With that said, I hope that all the single, married, & dating mothers had an amazing mother's day! I hope that you too find the joy in motherhood and share that joy with your children each and every day!
(p.s. Thanks char @ Crap I've made for the inspiring tutorials and mothers day post! Keep on rocking!)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

First mother's day!

Well it is official I am celebrating my first ever mother's day! In my house we celebrated a day early because as you all know mothers day brings out everyone! Even the hermits come out on mothers day! So to avoid all the craziness we decided to go out to dinner a day early. (and it was still crazy!)

My son is 13 weeks and 4 days old now! In celebration my grandfather took my grandmother and I out to Longhorn Steakhouse!

image via

Where I had a DELICIOUS chicken Parmesan sandwich, salad, bread, and tonion! 
(ry had the guts of some french fries and loved them too might I add)

Now don't be too jealous but I also partook in my second alcoholic beverage since my son was born (so second in over a year) called a mudslide. Oh how I love my mudslides! 
I am so happy to be a mommy to this amazing little boy. I love waking up to his smiles and giggles in the morning. The opportunities that running a business at home (even though I do go to school now too) give me are amazing. Not only do I get to do what I want, when I want, but I also get to spend all the time in the world with my little one. 

He is my world, soul, and heart. I never thought a baby's giggle would bring tears to my eyes. Heck I can't even stay dry eyed writing this! So before I overload you with all the blubbery that is me at the moment I am going to bid you all farewell. 

Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies, grandmothers, great grandmothers, and god mommies too! 

mothersday2010.jpg picture by rylansmomma10
(Leaving to go out to dinner)

What did you do in celebration of mothers day?

(p.s. I promise I am going to post up something crafty tomorrow. I am just getting back in the swing of things after a long week of sick people in my home, including a hospital trip for my grandfather and myself!)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Adventures in Freezer Paper Stenciling....

So I decided that I would take a leap and jump into the big bad world of freezer paper stenciling. I looked up everything I possibly could online about it in preparation. 

I decided that my first adventure would be making two shirts to go with the squirt guns I got for my cousin who is turning 3 Sunday! Since I usually make little girl stuff and just now am getting into boy stuff (since I had the gall to go and have a boy lol) I am having to learn to speak little boy. So far I have sports and robots down! 


-Freezer paper (check)
-fabric paint (check)
-fabric to paint on (check)
-brushes to paint with (check) 
-PINK exacto knife (check check) [yes I said pink!]
So with all my supplies in order... I made some stencils ...

And than I used my fancy mini iron to put them on the shirts 

and painted :) 

Peeled off the paper stencils to reveal that I should use a regular iron next time ! 
(it did not get hot enough to seal all that great on the rocket so it leaked a little) 
But lesson learned! :-D 

Let the shirts hang to dry and presto! Beautiful!
[um the shirt is actually yellow with pale blue stencil... not sure why it looks orange]

I would say that my first attempt turned out pretty darn good. 

Know what? This is addicting! So that means that for the next few days I am going to be freezer stenciling anything I can get my hands on! 

(already made my mom her mothers day gift with stencils and fabric paint)

And of course the blog would not be complete without a picture of my gorgeous son that I took at the local park. 

[My photo taking abilities are slacking these days... my kid is so pale in this picture when in all actuality he is very very tan! lol Oh well!]

Here are some other mommies that have tried and succeeded far better than I at freezer stenciling! 

I am sure there are plenty more out there but these are some of my fav blogs :P 

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