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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Confessions of a Etsy-Holic

I have a confession... I am a etsy-holic. 

Yes I have a serious problem... 

Are you an etsy-holic too? 

Signs and Symptoms:

*Nervous twitching when you can't get your computer to go online.

*Flushed face when you click your bookmarked etsy link.

*A bookmarked etsy link.

*Hours that just somehow got lost and when you "come to" your madly clicking sifting through etsy.

*You find yourself saying {or thinking} "Hmm, I wonder if I could get that cheaper on etsy."

*Panic when you realized you forgot to add something to your favorites and just know you will never find it again...

These are just a few of the signs and symptoms... If you have just self diagnosed yourself with etsy-holicism DON'T PANIC! 

There is a cure! 

A contest at Craft Gossip... Where you can shop to your little hearts content (or $100 of your hearts content)...A wonderful magical contest that has not 1 not 2 but 3 winners

So as a etsy-holic... this is a must do! 

What would my little heart love? Here is my "shopping" list...

$5.99 @ DMK Easywear

Half Yard Bundle of 5 - Traffic Jam by Allison Jane Smith in green

SALE - Half Yard Bundle of 6 David Walker - Robots in Orange - Teal

6 to 24 m Cotton Mini Monkey Flap Hat - Aqua with Lime Trim
$28.00 @ Cite Fuzz

& last but certainly not least 

Love Birds on Branch Necklace
$23.00 @ Morgan Prather

And if you haven't been keeping track... that is a grand total of....

I have $3.76 to spare! 

What would your wish list be? 

Don't forget to enter CG contest!!! GO HERE or click on one of the links through out the page if you haven't already :P Whichever is easier... I am not picky! 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Quilting is terrifying...

Until you do it!!! 

It is not hard at all! Now granted I did not put together a quilt I used a solid top and bottom... but I did free-motion quilt! 

I never even opened my quilting feet! lol Sad I know... But they are out and breathing now! 

Quick Story as to why I tackled this ... 

I have been wanting to try quilting for a long while now! But the other day my son, grandmother, and I were at wal-mart. We were in the baby department and Bug saw a spongebob bedding set... so I grabbed it off the shelf and let him look at it while I searched for a price checker because it was on clearance with no price... and since bug IS getting a new crib... he needed some bedding anyway! So scanned it... and its $35... It will be a cold day in hell  a long time before I pay $35 for a pillow case sheet and puny blanket! 

So I put it back on the shelf at which time Bug started crying that heart breaking you just took my world away cry that I have never heard from him before except when he had to leave me at the hospital for my gallbladder surgery... So I gave it back to him and he stopped...

My thoughts... "Oh shit... he is in love with spongebob."

So off to the fabric dept we went where I picked up SB fabric and he proceeded to laugh and chew on it the rest of the way through the store...

After I snuck it away during a nap I was able to come up with this the next day... :D 

Oh so cute!!! 

I really wish someone had told me how tedious it is to hand sew binding on though! :P

Linking up to 

No Big Dill's Linky party...



Sunday, August 29, 2010

2 days and counting....

2 Days and counting until we kick off.... NATIONAL SEWING MONTH!

This month I will be posting one tutorial a week! 
The first tutorial will be posted on the 1st. I am so excited! 
I am going to be opening a Flickr group (if possible I am trying to do that now) so that we can see all of your creations! 

The last week of the month I will be doing a GIVEAWAY!
Yep my first EVER giveaway!

I am excited for this too!

So check back and be sure to tell all your friends about it! 

There are lots of new and exciting things going on around this little corner of the bloggy world... 

What's new around your corner? Are you doing anything exciting for NSM?

& because every blog needs a picture!!!

{Post coming soon}

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Link it up Saturday (no more sunday) #6

Wait what?! Link it up Saturday?! Yep! 

Sunday is kind of a off day for most people. So I am going to take my off day! 
From now on it is link it up Saturday! 

Never fear the linky party will still be open until Wednesday!

So let's get on with it enough of my rambling. 

I had to do two features this week because I think they are both really yummy. 

Lolly Jane made these great cupcakes!
I tried these Friday and I am taking them with me Sunday to family day.

No joke this is an amazing idea and a big hit! I took the watermelon I made to tuesday night pool and it was gone... like instantly. 

If you were featured grab a button from the left sidebar! If not.. Don't worry there is always this week! 

I am sure you know the rules by now but if your just joining us ,or have short term memory loss like myself, let me refresh your memories! 

Link up any DIY | Crafty project (or baked good) that you have done. Or it could be one that you admire that someone else has done. 

This includes:
-wood & metal work
-decorating a room
-good family meal
-etc... You get the picture!

What not to do or you will be deleted....
-link a store (including etsy stores)
-link to something profane (remember we are family oriented)
-link to anything NOT DIY or CRAFTY or BAKED!

I really don't like being mean. So please don't make me use my "mommy voice." 

So grab a button and slap it on that post... (if you don't I can't feature you)

(<----------code is in the left side bar )

And above all...


Thursday, August 26, 2010

September= Awesome

Do you like amy butler fabric? Me too!! Girl from Tulsa @ feather and cloth is giving away a full fq set of amy butler fab!
September has always been a good month for me! 

Why do I love September?

-Starts to cool down because fall is on its way
-Means daylight savings time is closer and I love me an extra hour!
-Halloween is almost here and it means it is time to start thinking costumes
-We are that much closer to Christmas which is my fav holiday EVER.

And now I have a new something to add to that list...

{View from my sewing machine into the back 3 acres}


Yes folks there is a WHOLE MONTH dedicated to... SEWING

Now I might just be the last person on earth to know about this but when I read about NSM on Katy's blog No Big Dill... My jaw hit the floor. September just got THAT MUCH BETTER! 

With only 5 days left I am putting my machine in gear and my camera to work.... I am hoping to be able to offer 1 tutorial a week!
-crosses fingers-
I am also going to be doing a giveaway the last week of September
A friend of mine may be joining in but no promises yet! 

I can't wait to see what September brings! Can you? 

Am I the last person on earth to know about NSM? What are your plans for NSM?

Buttercup-py Goodness!

Check out these great silhouette giveaways!!!!

The Shabby Nest

By Stephanie Lynn

Most of these end soon so check them out quick!

I have been working on getting ready to do this project for a month now! 
It is a present for someone, whom shall not be named, and I had to find just the right fabric! 
I really hope she likes it! 

This is the "buttercup bag" from Made By Rae

I am very happy with the way it turned out... It was super easy to make and I am for sure going to buy the commercial pattern so that I can sell these at a local craft fair coming up! 

I am thinking diaper bags by making a bigger version? 

Nice eh?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am mommy hear me RAWR!

Yep that's right I am Rawr 'ing

Not only did I complete 8 owl softies in 3 days but tonight I made a kick butt pillow in 2 hours! 

An accomplishment all on it's own because my terror 6 month old usually won't let me sew for any stretch of time. We had some night terrors so far tonight but nothing that a little pat on the butt couldn't solve.

Want to see what I have been up to? OF COURSE YOU DO!!! 
{like you had any choice}

{my little vampire trying to help mommy sew}


{My owl army!!! Aren't they adorable?}


This pillow was inspired by a tutorial for a freezer paper stenciled version @ Ucreate {one of my favorite blogs to stalk read!}... Written by Running with Scissors. {Another good blog} You can see the tutorial here.

I used a ribbon as the embellishment and I used some fabric that I had left over from a Christmas gift I am making. I than used heat bond to hold the fabric and cut the birdie out using the template provided by the tutorial...Finally stitched all around the appliqué for added strength! 

This pillow is actually a case with a opening in the back so it can be washed etc!


I am going to be doing a Arts & Crafts festival called the Sum Nelly festival, in my town come October with any luck... My friend, Emily, from Paperpixiecrafts and I are going together to share a booth! I can't wait! 

So I am going to try and not disappear but I might! 


I am also going to try and start doing ONE tutorial every two weeks (every week preferred but I will only promise every two weeks).... Would this be something you guys would look forward to?


I was also thinking about doing a sew along... Maybe with a new owl design I am working on... It would be a smallish pillow owl...Anyone interested? 

Enjoy your day folks!

Don't forget you can visit my store at RyBug!

The owls will be listed by tomorrow morning!

Linking to some of these parties...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Freshly squeezed Giveaway!

Have you ever heard of Freshly Squeezed Fabrics?

No well you should!!! 
She is also having a 24% off sale in her store!

Head on over to I have to say and enter to win the Freshly Squeezed Fabrics giveaway


They are giving away a pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew... and to go along with it 10... count them 10 fat quarters to make the quilt!!! 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not so Wordless Monday #8

Not so wordless monday is my favorite time of the week! 

So let's get right down to it! 


{Wasn't that cool mom?!}

{Man that was exhausting!}

{My little Book worm stole my book when he was supposed to be "sleeping"}
{my friend Emily (PaperPixieCrafts), Bug, and I, went to Sew Bee It}

{Mini Blue Berry Muffins on the left for Bug's snacks & Mommy size muffins on the right}

{Preliminary photos of the 8 owls that I just finished Sunday evening!}

Enjoy your Monday!

Link it up Sunday #5

Wow sunday is already over! 

Sorry it took me awhile to put this up! I have been going crazy the last two days sewing owl butts{that is a whole other post}!

I promise to stop slacking as of... NOW!
From now on I am going to leave the linky party open until Wednesday! 
More time to get your submissions in! 

Last weeks party was pretty good we got up to 4 links! GO US! :P Let's see if we can get 5 different people to submit... so if you please blog about me! If you blog about my linky party I would be eternally grateful! Like so grateful I might even hug ya! {virtually that is}

Our feature is.......

Lilie Toes over at If Life Was like a Cupcake
{Just a note: man if life was a cupcake I would so eat it!!!}

Check our her awesome tutorial :D They are so cute and so easy to make!

So here we go... 

I am sure you know the rules by now but if your just joining us ,or have short term memory loss like myself, let me refresh your memories! 

Link up any DIY | Crafty project (or baked good) that you have done. Or it could be one that you admire that someone else has done. 

This includes:
-wood & metal work
-decorating a room
-good family meal
-etc... You get the picture!

What not to do or you will be deleted....
-link a store (including etsy stores)
-link to something profane (remember we are family oriented)
-link to anything NOT DIY or CRAFTY or BAKED!

I really don't like being mean. So please don't make me use my "mommy voice." 

So grab a button and slap it on that post... (if you don't I can't feature you)

(<----------code is in the left side bar )

And above all...



Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cars everywhere!

Just a short post today...

My son fell in love with this fabric with cars on it... So what did I do? Buy it of course! 

I than couldn't decide what to do with it. 
He loves pillows through and I needed a small pillow to take with us places so that I could put it in highchairs since he is still too small to reach the back of the highchair with his back at restaurants! 

So here is the final product (The big car pillow is something I made for him awhile back) 

I just love the vintage cars! 

What do you need to make the mini pillow?
Poly fiber fill
1 fat quarter in your desired fabric

Cut two squares by folding your fabric in half. My pillow is approximately 9inches wide I cut it 10 inches wide. 
Put right sides together and sew all the way around leaving a 2 inch gape for turning. Turn and stuff than use a slip stitch to close the pillow! 

I also added some Bias tape but I had never done that before and just winged it. 
If I remember correctly I sewed the tape to the right side of one half of the pillow (right sides together) than flipped it over the edge and sewed all the way around kind of like quilting. :D 

Good luck!


This pillow was featured by a good friend Emily @ PaperPixie Crafts!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So a friend of mine and I were talking the other night. And she happens to mention her sister has a etsy store too...(thanks S.)

After checking her out I have decided that her stuff is too cute not to share with my readers! 

So with that said I am going to introduce you to MiMiBoo
MiMiBoo says this about herself in her profile..."Full-time mom, full-time librarian, part-time crafter, fledgling designer."

Full time AWESOME?! 

Remember that holiday that is coming up that we are all scrambling for... oh wait maybe it is just me... but halloween is on its way ! 
She has you covered! 

Halloween pumpkin hat toddler girl FALL SALE
How cute would that be on a little pumpkin?

She has stuff for adults..
Neopolitan slouchy openwork beret
{I personally am thinking about purchasing this one if I can scare up the money}

Little girls...

Bright yellow bucket hat

& best of all!!! BOYS!

SALE / Skater Beanie in your choice of custom colors 
{I love boy stuff}

& it doesn't stop there! She even does little dollies!
MiniYou Ami DollMiniYou Ami Doll

& they are custom so you can make them look like you or someone you love! 
(I have also heard she does a mean star wars character)

So head on over and check her out!

You don't want to miss out... and just think wouldn't your family in doll form be the perfect edition to your little ones christmas or birthday?

There are even some gently used & in good condition pattern books!


When in rome...

Rome... ah gotta love it... 

Not Rome, Italy! Psh I am not rich folks! 
{Just for extra cuteness... my little bookworm}

No I am talking about Rome, Ga. A town not far from me. 
I visit quite often as it is really a "city" compared to where I live, but even 3 times in one week is a bit too much for me! 

So far, 

Monday- Bugs 6 month check up 
Wednesday-My follow up with the surgeon & errands
Wednesday- back an hour after we got home to go out to dinner with the grandparents

(btw it is now $25 to get the county to print out a piece of freaking computer paper with some ink on it stating your child's name, date and place of birth. Needless to say I told them they could keep that piece of paper)

Friday- Off again to pick up his pictures... give in and buy the world's most expensive piece of paper...& shop for a big boy crib.

Sunday- Going out with some friends. 

I am really getting tired of Rome. 

However while I was there today what did I see? BOUTIQUES! Yes 2 boutiques that I did not know about! It is a crime to open one near me and not tell me. :P I must remedy this quickly, and will do so on Friday. 

So that is why I have been sort of incognito this week. 

Now back to sewing up 11 beautiful owls :D

Monday, August 16, 2010

Shots make for a grumpy baby

Oh me Oh my! I hate check ups! 

My poor bug had to get his shots today so he is extra grumpy. 

However he is 271/2 inches long (gained 4 inches in 2 months) and weighs 17lbs 2.6 oz (lost a lb in two weeks cause he was sick bad for awhile)

So that means 85pct for height and 45pct for weight. They want me to poke some more food in his belly! 

Just wanted to blog about this and also a great giveaway going on at Jay Bird Quilts... The Fat Quarter Shop is giving away an awesome fat quarter bundle! Check it out Here!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Diaper Bag Success!

First of all thanks to everyone that has participated in Link it Up Sunday! It is going to be hard to choose just ONE person to feature next week! 


I am officially among the ranks of bag sewers everywhere! 

I am going to be selling these and similar ones in my store {RyBug} very soon!

I am very happy with the results and Bug loves to chew on the strap already!
Enjoy your Monday!

Grassy Wonderland

Check out the post and link up your latest bit of crafty goodness!


With summer coming to an end sooner than we think I have been trying to get outside with Bug a bit more. There is so much he has yet to discover. So many little wonders.

He loves hummingbirds so he spends a lot of time on the front porch with his PaPa (my grandfather) watching the little busy things flit and fight. 

We decided to go on an adventure in the grass, another area let undiscovered until now!

We started out on the blanket and moved into the grass. He loved it. 

Here are some photos from our "adventure"!

And that was another "adventure" in Bug land! 

Enjoy your weekend! (Or what is left of it)

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