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Monday, April 11, 2011

Knock it off!

Well we are back home! yay! 

But I have something exciting to announce...Are you crafty? Do you have a love for knock offs? 

733 has brought back the KNOCK -IT - OFF contest! There are a bunch of great prizes for the winner and runner up! 

My business Peachy Keen Dolls is offering a free custom waldorf doll and a $40 gift certificate! 

But we are not the only people offering prizes...

The Winner will receive a great prize package with a current value of over $175!
What's in the package?
$40 Gift Certificate to seven thirty three - - - custom blog design
Choice of one item (up to $20 value) from Craft Couture
Choice of custom tutu from All The Frills
One custom Waldorf doll from Peechy Keen Dolls ($85 value)
Ribbon Flower Broach from Willow Bean Studio

The runner up will also receive a smaller prize package of:
$20 gift certificate to seven thirty three - - - custom blog design
Choice of one item (up to $10 value) from Craft Couture
$25 Gift Certificate to All The Frills
Gift card to Peechy Keen Dolls ($40 value)

Go here for details on how to enter!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Long time no see

Hey folks! And welcome to all of the Kludgy Mom readers... (A big thanks to GiGi for featuring me today!) 

 I know I have not been around for a week or so but let me explain myself before you abandon me! 

It has been a rough couple of weeks. As most of you know I launched a new business called 


While that takes a lot of time it did not take near as much time as my sick 1 year old.

What started as a simple ER trip that we thought solved it all turned into 2 week of ick. 

1. urgent care for ear infection and antibiotics

a week later....

1. Trip to ER. Diagnosis- strep throat (He was not keeping anything down at this point and running 102+ fevers) 

2. Trip to urgent care. Diagnosis- Tonsillitis (2 days after ER)

3. Pediatricians. This was 1 day after UC they diagnosed flu with a flu test and decided to go ahead and do a chest x-ray just in case even though his chest sounded clear... Turns out he had the flu and double pneumonia 

So now a little over 2 weeks of 3 different antibiotics later, lots of mommy-baby cuddle time, he is mended. So of course what did I do? 

I decided that an impromptu surprise trip to florida to visit family was in order. So that is where we have been since last thursday at 530am. 

I am working on a couple of posts right now and hope to have something up by friday. 
Please bare with me right now and enjoy some of our earlier popular posts like...

Thanks for sticking around!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Winners day 5, 6, & 7!

Winners- Your sponsor will contact you via the email you provided... Please make sure to post on their page so that we can confirm your "fan-dom" :D 

Day 5- Forget me Knots Crochet

Winner is.... Love You Always & Forever 

Love You Always & Forever said...


annemarie said...

I am a follower.

Mama said... twitterpated. =p

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Winners day 3 & 4 !!

Winners!!! Here are day 3 and 4's winners... I will send your emails onto the sponsors and you should be contacted shortly. Please remember to post on the sponsors blog or facebook wall to verify fandom. 

Day 3 winner- Mommy Cart

Winner is.... MAMA!

 Mama said...

i have liked the fb page!

Winner is...Addison!

 Addison K.A.T. said...

tweet -!/AddieLuke/status/47140889847529472

Remember to enter the last 3 days of giveaways today... they end at midnight EST!

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