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Friday, December 31, 2010


Goodbye 2010 HELLO 2011! 

Just when you thought you had 2009 out of your mind and could live that year down, you get to do a total restart! I am so not sure I can live down 2010. 

So far I have managed to not embarrass myself on the blog yet, kudos to me!

Since the "cool" bloggers that I long to be are doing top 10+ blogs for the year end I decided to see if I could do one. Eh... Let's just say I will stick with a top 4 and a mini recap! {totally just added in that mini recap idea}

Great also for art supplies, gardening tools, and more!

These have been my favorite go to gift for new mommies and daddy's! I hate those strap covers with the giant heads on them!

My son still drags this around off and on.

Not my greatest tut but it is quick , cute , and functional. We still use it on really cold nights. 

So this past year has been a crazy one! I have been struggling to start my business while taking care of a new baby. 

In bug recaps... he went from a 10lb 1oz (20 inch length) load of joy...born 4 weeks early btw...

(minutes after he was born)
{a couple of days after birth when the face swelling went down some lol}

To this handsome little 11 month old dude...weighing in at 23lbs and 31 inches tall

I am going to be starting school this coming year so it should add a bit more excitement but I plan on making sure I have a good schedule in place so that I can get stuff done! 

I am also making the standard new years resolution... Lose weight! I need to get healthy for me and my son... 

What is your new years resolution?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Randomly Me...

The Idea Room is having a party! The kind of party where you get to learn a little more about me... the woman behind the computer screen!

- I was an adorable kid...

-My son looks so much like me sometimes it is scary

-I am the eldest of 4 sisters, 2 brothers, 2 step brothers and 1 step sister.

-I am also the eldest of 11 grandchildren on my mom's side and I am currently in possession of the only great grandchild.

-My house was once struck by lightning, it was really scary and I army crawled across my living room! (I was 13)

-I was a photography major once upon a time in college but decided that I needed to go the more practical route considering the economy was going into the toilet.

-I have what I call a breathing foot... I have to have one foot out from under the blankets even if it is freezing or I get too hot.

-I have a great love for butter cookies.

-I rarely get in bed before 1230pm just so I can sew and get the cleaning done.

-I have never been more proud than this moment right here...

{excuse my looks I just went through 24 hours of labor and an emergency c-section to bring this little (10 lb) bundle of joy into the world}

-I love to watch disney channel... Wizards of waverly place addict here!

-I stumbled into the whole blogging thing with blinders on...I had no clue what I was doing only that I was going to write about my journey into motherhood and through it. It has slowly evolved into crafts too another passion of mine.

-When I was kid my sister and I used to mop the floor in our house by attaching sponges to our feet and "skating around".

-I am a single mommy.

-and while I would love to say i enjoy every minute of it... we have our days.

-I have no regrets because I am a firm believer that if we did not go through the things we have gone through in life we would never be where we are or who we are today.

-I am scared of the dark. But I have a mean right hook so monsters and robbers WATCH OUT!

lol Well that is enough about my random weirdness, and life!

Join in the party by visiting...

Twas the baby's first Christmas...

Bug had his first Christmas! I of course was way more excited than he was, but that's okay next year will be amazing! 

Christmas morning, Santa, Nana, Great grandparents, auntie Lexy and mommy spoiled him... Just a little. 

Since his Nana, and Aunt's and Uncles live 8 hours away we did a video chat using Skype. Bug that it was awesome! 

Here are some highlights.....

{stuff from his Nana stocking}

{talking to nana p.s. that is a toddler back pack I made him}

{taking his fish out of their fish bowl...another present I made him}

{opening his scout}

{giving scout love... I will be totally writing a review on this over the next couple of weeks}

{Riding his ride on from santa}

{opening his santa stocking... his two favorite spongebob and Reese's}

{He got a dirt devil vacuum since he likes to use mine from his walker... this child non stop vacuums everything now}


In bloggy news... Lots of new stuff happening around here soon. This month is going to be crazy getting ready for valentines, and of course Bug's first birthday! Looking forward to the new year. 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's that time again

Silhouette is showing some love by doing some giveaways!!!

Why do I want to win one of these you may ask? Well my main reason is vinyl! lol But there are so many other things you can do with it including, tattoos, party stuff, vinyl cuts for the walls, glass etc, scrapbooking, and more!! Go to the silhouette website for more info!

Here are a couple :D 

I'm dreaming of a....White christmas? SAY WHAT?!

Yep here in Northwest georgia we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS! The first one in more than two decades! 

And my (and of course bugs) first ever white christmas! Man it was exciting to wake up to all that beautiful white fluff! Something even the weather man was not predicting for our local area. 
(click the photos to see our panoramic view)

{Our back acreage}

{The front view off the porch}

After we took care of santa (that is another post all on its own) Bug and I bundled up and headed out to play in snow for the first time together! After a pathetic attempt at sledding down our hills on a plastic toy box top I  decided just to pull him around on our "sled". 


{Mommy and Bug}

Did you get a beautiful white christmas? 

Our snow is still here today! (a big deal for us because we usually are lucky to get flurries)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Just had to tell someone...

My mom made me wait until christmas to open my gifts that I recieved almost a week ago! Let me tell you it was hard... But well worth the wait...

I not only got the metal hand stamping set I was obsessed with getting... but...

Stitch by Stitch! I am a huge fan of the Whip Stitch fabric store and plan on going there again soon (it is an hour from me) So to say that I jumped up and down when I realized what my package was is putting it mildly. 

Just had to tell someone that would understand. 

Last year...

This time last year I was very very pregnant. At 30 weeks I was just 5 1/2 weeks shy of delivery my 10 lb 1oz baby boy. 

(photo credit: Self)

It was at this point that they told me my baby was going to be pretty big despite the fact that I did not have gestational diabetes or anything. I just make big babies! 

This time last year I was overjoyed with the thought of what the future held. 

This year... I am excited as well. In 1 month my son is having his first birthday. I cannot believe that it has been a whole year! Where has the time gone? 

What were you doing this time last year?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays and New year!

It's been a great year so far. I have discovered a lot of things about myself & and I got my son in February which was the most perfect valentines gift ever. 

But in all this crazy end of the year-ness, I am sad to say that I am taking the rest of the year off.

Yeah I know it is just a couple of days... you guys will miss me though right? 

I did a photo shoot with my son the other day under our christmas tree and it came out so cute! He is getting so big so fast. I cannot believe that he will be 1 in just a month! Time sure does fly. 

I had to use wrapping paper as a distraction. I just gave him a whole roll to play with lol

I hope your holidays are merry! I have lots to accomplish from now until christmas eve! 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quick Gift for the Sewer in your life

I am always on the lookout for some awesome gifts for myself the sewers in my life. Awhile back I saw a tutorial somewhere out there in the web about putting magnets on the bottom of a small saucer. I decided that would be perfect for my pins ! However the ceramic bowl saucer that I picked up from wal-mart the other day was too thick! 

So I came up with this ingenious solution! You do not have to know how to sew... or even have a special talent (or tools) to make this!

The Just Enough Magnetic Pin Holder:


 Shallow bowl or saucer
flat magnetic strips with sticky backs (or you can use a glue gun)

Note: I bought all my supplies from wal-mart! The bowl was in the aisle where you can buy individual plates and kind of looks like an ash tray, but it is not. Cost was $1.50.

These are the magnetic strips....

Use one flat set of strips and cut out a circle to fit inside your bowl. 

Remove the sticky back (or use hot glue) and stick it to the INSIDE of the saucer/bowl. 

And guess what? YOUR DONE! 

Yes it was THAT easy! 

The best part is the magnet is strong enough to hold the pins in... (or a bunch of pins as I have tested this morning when I transfered) but it is not strong enough to make it a struggle to get your pins out when you need to use one!

So go and grab some supplies or use your on hand supplies and make a bunch of these for the sewer in your life.. Or make one for yourself!

The Sentimental Tree

There once was a jealous Christmas tree... The little tree was decorated with lots of random and not so much sense. 
All the other Christmas trees were decorated with care. White with silver bulbs, green with white bulbs, lots of decorator sense and little sentiment.

It complained to it's decorator one day, "Why can't I be like the other trees? I want to match and be pretty, not random and ugly!" The decorator replied, "Oh my big lovely tree, you are not ugly! You are decorated with sentimental ornaments passed down for generations and years. You are the most gorgeous tree of all!"

"What kind of sentiment Ms. Decorator?", replied the tree. 

"Well there is this tiny angel that has been around for at least 30 years, she is a set of plenty of decorate you each year."

"Than you can see the beauty and age in this one from 1985...This was a year before I was born!"

"This handmade beauty is only a couple of years old. But was made by a beautiful woman. Even though she has use of only one of her hands she made lots of these carefully for her family and friends."

"There is a new baby this year. Bug is his nick name and this is his first ever ornament! Next year his christmas morning photo will grace this frame!"

"And last but not least this tiny angel once graced the top of the tree of my great grandmother. She than gave it to my grandparents 51 years ago on their very first christmas together."

"So you see little tree. Your are the most lovely tree of all because you hold years of memories, experience, and sentiment."

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Crafty blogger say what?!

I have some new thoughts for next year... But I am not sure how much time I have to implement them... I think I need some bloggy help! lol 

Life has been crazy around here lately so most of my thoughts are just bouncing around and there is not much implementing going on just yet... Can't wait for the new year! 

(when I say crazy think... no heat during the artic blast we are currently having, christmas rush orders, Bug's first birthday in a month and school starting in 2 weeks!)

But I wanted to ask you my fans what you guys thought this blog could use more of? (Besides tutorials) 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Mayhem!

Well folks it is definitely Christmas crunch time! 

I still have two major gifts to finish plus a bonus third possibly by tomorrow morning and here it is 11:30 at night and I am typing a blog. Yeah you can roll your eyes and think what I know your thinking,'Woman get your butt off the computer!' 

But I just had to show you guys my tree! I am so proud of my tree. I do not do the whole "all one color" thing because our tree has history. We have tons and tons of ornaments, some dating back to the 1930's! 

Isn't it gorgeous? I am so proud of it! Here is the making of the tree... Along with some other things that are christmas-y around around house! 

Winners of the 4 prize giveaway!!

The 4 prize winner giveaway has rounded up! 

I want to send a big thanks to Heather @ Kennakins Bows n Things for hosting this giveaway with me! It has been a lot of fun and I hope I have made a new BFFL (bloggy friends for life). 

Also thanks to everyone who participated in this... And now without further delay...The winners are...

#1 -Not My Mom @ Not The Mother of The Year is the proud owner of a new key fob of your choice from my shop @ Bug {Creator} Designs 

#2 -Ananda @ Fruit Of Now is the proud owner of THIS

Actually here you go...I will jsut use this one LOL. I am not feeling like making anything right now!

 new hairbow by Kennakins Bows n Things!

Please contact me within 1 week of this post to claim your prize... If you do not respond to my email (if one was listed) I will re-draw winners! 

Thanks to everyone who joined us and I hope to see you again soon! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Photo Time!

Late is my middle name lately. I am constantly running behind on everything! So why should Christmas photos and cards be any different? 

I am partaking in the 50 free cards for bloggers that Shutterfly is having! Which I think they are pretty awesome for doing. They have tons of cute stuff like, 

this adorable naughty or nice card, which is part of their Christmas Photo Cards line.

If I was cool enough to have a new years party (and had a babysitter but I hear those are already booked and have been for months) I would totally use this card from their New Year's Invitations.

Bug's 1st birthday is coming up in just 1 month! I was all for printing out my own cards until I figured up that it would be cheaper (and easier on me) to have Shutterfly do it for me! So if your having any happy birthdays soon ....

I am thinking maybe two of the pictures of bug and two pictures of ACTUAL bugs since that is his the me!

If you haven't your cards yet for christmas or anything else head on over to shutterfly and check them out! You won't be disappointed, I promise! 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Scoodie love...

Don't forget to enter the 4 winners giveaway!!! It ends wednesday evening...Winner's will be announced Thursday!


Some of you may be wondering what the heck a scoodie is. I personally had never heard of one until a couple of weeks ago when while wandering around bloggy land I came across this tut. A scoodie is a scarf with a hood attached so that you have that extra warmth we all love this time of year. 

I want to take this moment to mention how much I ADORE Indie tuts blog! She is my new best friend (even though she doesn't know it!).

So I just knew I had to have a scoodie for myself, especially since even after 6 years of living in northwest georgia {Miami, Florida transplant} I am still not acclimated to the cold cold winters!

You can leave the scarf open...

lay it on the bed and make a heart 

Give it to your grandma

Or wear it yourself!

Cute huh?

So head on over to Indie Tutes and make one for yourself, a loved one, or your tiny babe!

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