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Bug Creator is a lover of PR!
I am more than happy to do reviews of products and receive donated items for giveaways!
I like to review items similar, but not limited to, childrens clothing, toys, cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies, baking goods, jewlery, women's items, sewing items, crafty items, etc...

Feel free to contact me any time.



Reviews and Giveaways-

I enjoy doing reviews for big and small companies. However I do require a few things for this to go smoothly.

  • Sample product be sent to me to evaluate and keep. In return I will convey my honest opinion to my readers. 
  • Any logos or stock photos that you would like me to use in the post must be emailed to me or given in another fashion as I always like to use photos in my posts about products so that people know what I am talking about. 
I try to get a review posted with 2-3 weeks after receiving the product but if need be I can review and post quickly. I will always write my honest unbiased opinion and disclose how I got this item and what I am doing in return. If I am unhappy with a product, I will notify you give you the option to continue having me post my honest opinion or discontinue. 

If you have a product you would like to donate to a giveaway for my readers it would be greatly appreciated! 

  • Must be a tangible object (will consider electronic downloads... please Contact me)
  • You must ship the item to the winner! I will email you their address and contact information. 
I am more than happy to work with businesses big and small! (Etsy businesses welcome) & please let me know if you are willing to ship outside of the US. We do have quite a few readers from Canada & Australia.


At this time advertising consists of blog swaps (see below) or Button swaps... I will be adding the option for paid advertising later on... If you would like to do either please contact me and we can discuss the logistics!

Blog Swapping-

I am not opposed to Blog Swapping. I can do feature swaps or tutorial swaps! Contact me and we can talk!
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