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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Can we say Uh-mazing?!

So this mommy at 1boy+1girl= a happy mom is one of my favorites to follow even though I just actually pressed the follow button on her blog I actually had been watching for a bit using a hotlink in my bookmark bar...
(I am so in love with this one... she combined all my fav things... stripes, color, polkadots, brown, AND applique...In my good friends words... Awesome-sauce!)

Right now she is giving away a awesome playmat (tutorial here) to celebrate 50 followers! YOU GO GIRL!

Click here ... No HERE... yes HERE... to enter her giveaway! :D

(p.s. so making one of these... -adds to the ever growing to do list-)

So we are having bad storms here today... late night for this mommy. Please keep all the people in Mississippi that have been affected by these storms on your mind.

Till next time!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Acid reflux... Sleep Apnea... Inspiration to be crafty!

Tuesday evening was terrifying at best... I am used to ry having trouble breathing because he has done it since he was a newborn... However I am not used to not being able to get him to breathe again with a simple flip and pat on the back! 

Sorry for being long winded but here is the story....My grandfather who was holding him while I cleaned the kitchen said he was not breathing. I grabbed him up flipped him over and got him to start again... I sat down with him to see if he did it again and he started thrashing around and and would not breathe for a good 20 seconds. Scary? YES! 

So off to the hospital we went (while I was getting ready he had several more mini episodes)... 

They admitted us almost immediately for observation and took us up to the pediatrics floor, where they put him on a apnea monitor and what I call his ET light (the red light on the toe). 

And so commenced our first overnight hospital stay since his birth. I think I slept a combination of 30 minutes at 3 minute intervals all night. He set the apnea monitor off at least 5 times in the first two hours alone! It made me stop and think wow... how many times had he stopped breathing for 20 seconds during the night and I did not know? You cannot tell when he stops breathing like that he usually sleeps right through it. 

Long story short they started him on zantac the next morning and refreshed my memory in infant CPR. The doctors say it is his Acid Reflux that is causing the sleep apnea. (duh!) Apparently it is more severe than we were led to believe in the first place. So he is on soy formula with cereal in EVERY bottle and zantac 3 times a day. Plus we took a sleep apnea monitor home and he has to be hooked up to it almost constantly. 

Our problem of being on an incline and sliding down came back and with the monitor it was even harder cause as he slid so did his leads which made the machine go off which made baby and I both jump! 

So thrifty mommy to the rescue... I found something called a Tucker Sling (
 and rather than spent 60-70 dollars on it (which I don't have unless I don't want my kid to have diapers lol) I figured 5 dollars worth of fabric some already had thread and some velcro and we would be in business. 

So I drew up what I thought it should look like on a piece of wrapping paper and cut out my pattern. I laid my fabric out and got to work. 4 hours, and one bleeding finger later (sewed my finger in the machine... street cred with the crafters?), I produced... The MOMMY IS A MIRACLE WORKER SLING! :P 

Fabric from walmart ... 5 bucks buddy! The rest of the supplies I had laying around and he has NOT MOVED YET! YES! 

And a closer look at the fabric for your viewing pleasure...

So not we will both sleep better.. him cause he is going to be able to breathe and mommy knowing she has a "babysitter" that will let her know if her angel needs help. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quiet books galore!!!

Ever heard of a quiet book? No? Me neither! Until a few weeks ago that is!

A quiet book is a soft book made with love filled with all kinds of activities for a child to do. (young children)

I instantly decided that my son had to have one of those! lol But it went on the back burner for now because I am starting to look into school, taking care of ry, and running a business! EEP!

But today one of the amazing ladies in my craft group on BBC asked if we would all make quiet books with her to inspire and keep each other on track! I jumped on this band wagon asap!

Here is a link to her blog She already has a few really cute pages up.

I will post my progress on here and with any luck it will turn out adorable and I can make some as gifts. :D

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Robot Love...

I recently acquired a obsession with everything robots. I am going to blame this on a long time family friend who we will call S.

S got Ry a rocket wall hanging that has baskets... It was really neat and I planned his entire "nursery area" around this theme.... I found robots wall stickers at the local dollar tree... So I put everything up. But it was still missing something... Clouds and stars!

What self respecting Robot on a outerspace adventure in their rocket doesn't notice the stars and space clouds around them? So another trip to the local dollar tree and we have perfection! :P

Now I am kind of wondering if I should not change the stuff right above his crib it is kind of random messy. I am thinking about taking the stickers and putting them in frames and making it a bit less random and a bit more decorative.

I than want to make his name in fabric letters to hang out as well ... hmmm

Lots of projects too little time!

Here is a picture of what his nursery area looks like.
(He currently just has an area in my room because with his acid reflux he cannot sleep in another room)

(Please excuse the mess... it has been a bit hectic around here lately)

April_2010_73.jpg picture by rylansmomma10

Oh and did I mention that I have expanded my "Ry collage" on the wall above my bed?
April_2010_72.jpg picture by rylansmomma10
(stickers once again from local dollar tree... Man I'm thrifty!)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Houston we have a problem...

What I recently thought was my son going through his first baby cold and than allergies (Dang that pollen!) has turned out to be none other than acid reflux!

My poor baby had a congested nose, sneezles, and a cough, which to my surprise are all symptoms of acid reflux that is not quite coming out but is rather sitting in his sinuses causing all the problems. So now that we know what has been causing him to gasp for air since he was born. (scared the holy hell out of me and his nana by the way)

What do you do about AR? Well you elevate the head of the bed with blankets or a wedge, do not let little bits lay flat for at least 45 minutes after eating and switch to soy milk... Check, Check, CHECK!

Only here is a itty bitty problem... My child scoots to the bottom of his newly head raised bed... I am not talking scoots a little... I am talking he is laying across the bottom of his bed and I in turn have to get up several times a night to make sure that he is okay... You don't believe me you say? Well, I have proof!

(mommy has lots of time when she is up several times a night)

We started out here....

April_2010_71.jpg picture by rylansmomma10

Than we went here....

April_2010_70.jpg picture by rylansmomma10

And finally ended here...

April_2010_74.jpg picture by rylansmomma10
Any suggestions on how to stop this? lol I have raised the foot of the bed as you can see (or can't?) in these photos... that apparently does not work with my wiggle worm... hmmm until we get it figured out he sleeps with mommy after out 6 am feeding (that is when he wakes up for the first time all night)

Good night ladies. It is officially way late!
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