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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Houston we have a problem...

What I recently thought was my son going through his first baby cold and than allergies (Dang that pollen!) has turned out to be none other than acid reflux!

My poor baby had a congested nose, sneezles, and a cough, which to my surprise are all symptoms of acid reflux that is not quite coming out but is rather sitting in his sinuses causing all the problems. So now that we know what has been causing him to gasp for air since he was born. (scared the holy hell out of me and his nana by the way)

What do you do about AR? Well you elevate the head of the bed with blankets or a wedge, do not let little bits lay flat for at least 45 minutes after eating and switch to soy milk... Check, Check, CHECK!

Only here is a itty bitty problem... My child scoots to the bottom of his newly head raised bed... I am not talking scoots a little... I am talking he is laying across the bottom of his bed and I in turn have to get up several times a night to make sure that he is okay... You don't believe me you say? Well, I have proof!

(mommy has lots of time when she is up several times a night)

We started out here....

April_2010_71.jpg picture by rylansmomma10

Than we went here....

April_2010_70.jpg picture by rylansmomma10

And finally ended here...

April_2010_74.jpg picture by rylansmomma10
Any suggestions on how to stop this? lol I have raised the foot of the bed as you can see (or can't?) in these photos... that apparently does not work with my wiggle worm... hmmm until we get it figured out he sleeps with mommy after out 6 am feeding (that is when he wakes up for the first time all night)

Good night ladies. It is officially way late!

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