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Monday, March 14, 2011

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Everybody tells you that kids are expensive. Tuition, diapers, formula, daycare. But than there are those expenses no one saw fit to warn you about. 

Now I love my son, but there are some things that make me go WHAT?! 
(or WHUCK?! as my favorite ladies over at Rants From Mommy Land like to say)

Personally I was prepared for the average formula expense. I figured I could handle it. But than the pediatrician dropped the big news, my precious 1 month old needed special formula. He could not tolerate the regular stuff, no, instead he had to have the hypoallergenic Alimentum junk. "No problem!" And off I ran to the store where I just about fainted when I saw the $26.00 price tag on the small can of powder formula. 

Than there are the toys. Now I know that toys are not exactly something that you HAVE to buy a lot of. But if your kiddo is as cute as mine (or your as gullible as I am) you want nothing but the best. And the best always comes out 2 days after you just bought the now next to best. My biggest expense this christmas? $40 for a ride on toy that makes, no noise, doesn't steer, and I had to put it together! 

So I got to thinking... I cannot possibly be the only parent surprised by some of the expenses you incur with children. I know lots of first time and seasoned parents, and decided to pose the question.... 

"What were some surprising financial things about kids that you never expected to be that bad or just did not expect at all?"

Here are just a few of the responses I received-

Shiloh M.- "Clothes! I did NOT realize they would grow THAT quickly and outgrow EVERYTHING they own within what seems like a matter of HOURS."

Jessica H.- "[I did not realize] just how much a baby can truly eat. Our grocery bill was $100 for one week of food, and $60 of that was food for the baby... FOR ONE WEEK!"

Jessy RBirthday parties! Seems like they get more and more expensive as they get older. Especially presents. Now I see why my grandma just sends 20 dollar gift cards

Kathryn H- Buying new binkies because he loses them constantly and they are NOT cheap! The only one that has survived his whole life is pink with hearts on it!

If I had to do it all again... I would start that savings account and put every extra penny in it! Tax time is a savior to most parents that child credit can help you get back on track... So this year when you get your taxes back don't buy a couch or a new computer... buy clothes, diapers, and all those other surprise expenses! Or if you don't have kids yet...START THAT SAVINGS ACCOUNT!

What were you surprised to realize as a new parent?

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