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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Caterpillars LOVE tomatoes!

Stinkin' caterpillars! 

Yesterday my Aunt and Uncle came to visit and on the way out we were looking at our front porch garden. We have several tomato plants on and off the porch, green peppers, etc...
(Not quite ripe)

(my beautiful cherry tomatoes that are already ripe)

All of the sudden R.bug squeals and my Aunt says, "Oh he likes the caterpillar. But you need to get those off." 

I squealed too  (ignore that confession) Caterpillars were neat when I was a kid but now? PSH! 
I started looking and found 3 of these (HUGE) suckers eating my plants. And I am not talking slowly eating I am talking they ate some of my tomatoes already and the leaves etc... UGH! Caterpillars on a mission!

So I called the grandfather over to remove them since I had the baby (likely excuse). 

But before removal I took some pictures of R.bugs favorite bugs, we've named them ted, greg, and moe. 

(left: Greg right: Ted)

(See those partially eaten tomatoes!)

This also inspired me to try and make R.bug a stuffed caterpillar! 
So check back for our new addition to the family!
I might even include a tutorial :D


elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

Sorry to hear about the caterpillars, but those are some really good pictures that you took. Love tomatoes!!!!

Thanks for stopping by twelve crafts till Christmas earlier this week! I'm a little late a responding to comments, but better late than never I guess! Hope you stop by again and say "HI"!

Aimee said...

O.O i have never seen caterpillars that huge!!!!

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