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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Freezer paper Guitar shirt

So for father's day I decided that my brother deserved something special, after all he is the uncle to my son. :D 

So I took his love of music and my freezer paper obsession and presto, magic happened! 

Here is my "tutorial"....

I started with a plain t-shirt that I purchased from wal-mart for $4.00. It is a darker gray color.

I than hand drew a guitar onto the papery side of freezer paper (remember the waxy side needs to go down onto the clothing to stick) 

I than fit it to the shirt...

Next was the HARD PART!

I got out my x-acto knife and a new blade and got to cutting. 

What was hard about this is making sure to keep all of the little inserts like the spaces between the bars on the neck of the guitar etc... you have to iron those down too so that its not just a blob of a guitar! 

And when it was done being cut out it looked like that!

Finally I ironed it all down (on the seam so it looked like the guitar wraps around the shirt)  (I iron on the cotton setting) and painted it on , black, with a sponge brush and fabric paint.

(EDIT: DO NOT FORGET TO PUT SOMETHING IN BETWEEN THE SHIRT LAYERS! THE PAINT WILL GO THROUGH! :D I almost did this that night started painting and forgot...luckily I realized my mistake asap!)

I did 3 coats because since it was such a dark shirt I wanted to make sure it showed but not TOO much.

Let it dry overnight :D And than peeled off the freezer paper. 

Don't worry you do not need to be careful peeling you cannot use the stencil again and it will rip! 

The great thing about freezer paper is it comes off really easy and leaves a great crisp design.

(the shirt is darker than this but I took these pictures at night because I forgot to take them during the day before I left on my trip)

He loved it! I am going to get him to send me a picture with it on him because once again forgetful me... I did not get a picture while I was down there visiting! 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial !


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1 comment:

Ginger said...

Ooooh! I need to try this...Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

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