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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stop touching my baby!!

"Stranger danger! Stranger danger!"

In grade school we were taught to scream that and run if there was a stranger approaching us or soliciting our help from a car. Remember that? 

I find myself wanting to scream it when random strangers come up to me in wal-mart and try to touch my child. 

Seriously why do people want to "pet" my child? Yes he has a head full of hair... Yes he is so big!
But please refrain from feeding and touching the child he bites ! 

So in order to ward off the germs and germs of strangers (at least when my child is asleep cause otherwise he hates being covered) I made a car seat cover! 

Here is my new little cover... it is 1 yd of outside fabric and 1 yd of inside fabric plus left overs for the handles :) It is so easy I am not even going to post a tutorial however if you Google... there are plenty out there I am sure! 

(Sorry I know I should have ironed it before pictures since it has been waded up in my car for 2 days) 

So that is my adventure... 

Oh and did I mention that I am going to Florida for 3 weeks? I am going for a visit and to pick up my sister for the summer. I am also going to take into consideration moving myself and my son there permanently. 

So 3 weeks of vacation /job hunting / place hunting... here I come!


Jessica said...

that's so clever!! and it looks great :) hopefully it keeps the creepers away...

Sandy said...

Oh I love that. Wish I was crafty like that! SO gets upsets when people come up to us in the store. And, he says under his breathe every time "they better not touch him." Cute idea.

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