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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Adventures in Freezer Paper Stenciling....

So I decided that I would take a leap and jump into the big bad world of freezer paper stenciling. I looked up everything I possibly could online about it in preparation. 

I decided that my first adventure would be making two shirts to go with the squirt guns I got for my cousin who is turning 3 Sunday! Since I usually make little girl stuff and just now am getting into boy stuff (since I had the gall to go and have a boy lol) I am having to learn to speak little boy. So far I have sports and robots down! 


-Freezer paper (check)
-fabric paint (check)
-fabric to paint on (check)
-brushes to paint with (check) 
-PINK exacto knife (check check) [yes I said pink!]
So with all my supplies in order... I made some stencils ...

And than I used my fancy mini iron to put them on the shirts 

and painted :) 

Peeled off the paper stencils to reveal that I should use a regular iron next time ! 
(it did not get hot enough to seal all that great on the rocket so it leaked a little) 
But lesson learned! :-D 

Let the shirts hang to dry and presto! Beautiful!
[um the shirt is actually yellow with pale blue stencil... not sure why it looks orange]

I would say that my first attempt turned out pretty darn good. 

Know what? This is addicting! So that means that for the next few days I am going to be freezer stenciling anything I can get my hands on! 

(already made my mom her mothers day gift with stencils and fabric paint)

And of course the blog would not be complete without a picture of my gorgeous son that I took at the local park. 

[My photo taking abilities are slacking these days... my kid is so pale in this picture when in all actuality he is very very tan! lol Oh well!]

Here are some other mommies that have tried and succeeded far better than I at freezer stenciling! 

I am sure there are plenty more out there but these are some of my fav blogs :P 

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