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Friday, January 7, 2011

11 months

I can't believe my "little" baby is 11 months old. This month is already promising to go by fast. 

"Warp speed ahead!"

I am so excited to see your growing and learning but I am also heart broken. These past 2 years have been some of the best and hardest of my life.

I lost a precious angel baby right before I got pregnant with you dear son. When I did find out I was pregnant with you barely a month later I was terrified. The doctors told me it would be virtually impossible for me to carry a baby to term. After several months of blood thinners, bed rest, and weekly visits to the doctor I finally allowed myself to be excited. At 4 months I finally could breathe a sigh of relief. 

I have to admit I was so excited (and your nana was so excited) that by November we had bought more stuff than you could ever possibly need... And I even set up the crib because I knew I would be going back on bed rest soon. 

It has been an amazing 11 months. You have grown from a little new fat baby...


To a handsome little man...

You are so eager to explore, give sugars, and get into trouble. 
You can crawl on all 4's now and you pull up and couch surf everywhere. 

After a rough 11 months full of sleep apnea, sleep seizures, severe acid reflux, sandifers syndrome diagnosis, several overnight trips to the hospital, and a few heart attacks on mommies part we have finally gotten into a good place. 

No more apnea monitor for the past 2 months, sleep seizures are only once in a blue moon and your sandifers is under control. 

The best part... You are sleeping in your own bed! Today marks a whole week of you sleeping in your big boy bed at the head of mommies bed!

I don't know why you hate the crib being a crib but if a toddler bed version with my bed as a buffer is all that works I will gladly work with ya doll. 

You have grown so much. I am so proud of you my little bug. 


1 comment:

CK said...

OH MY GOSH! That two month picture of him is SOOOOOOOOO cute! What a darling little boy! How awesome ;) Thanks for sharing.


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