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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thrifty Changing Mat Tutorial

So I might be am cheap.

Because I am and due to the fact that my son and I were in tight spaces I had to let go my dreams of a beautiful white changing table and matching crib. -tear- His changing table? The top of his dresser. I never really found the need to buy a 30 dollar changing mat when I could just as easily use a cushy towel. 

So a towel we have been using. But now that I have a room for him and I am trying to decorate said room the towel just looked tacky! A quick cover was in order. 

I decided to share this thrifty changing mat with my fellow crafty momma's ! This can also work for a regular changing mat! 

& because I decided to turn this into a tutorial before I started... 


Fabric to fit the size of your towel or changing mat (Approx 3/4 yard)
Sewing machine

Step 1:
You need your towel folded however you want it to fit onto your table. 
(I fold mine in half long ways and than in half again so that it is a neat little rectangle.)

Step 2:
 You can need to cut your fabric length and width of the towel adding 1/2 inch all the way around. (you don't want the fabric too tight to your towel or changing table cause it may bunch it up) 

Step 3:
With right sides facing together sew 2 short and one long side of your fabric rectangle. Leave one long side open to add velcro so that you can wash your mat/towel cover!

Step 4: 
Cut velcro for the same length as your open long side! (hem your fabric on that side by 1/4 inch if you have a fraying fabric. I used knit so I did not need to hem)

You should have something like this now:

Step 5:
Pin your velcro down to the very edge of your hemmed (or not hemmed knit) fabric as pictured below...

Step 6: 
Sew your velcro down unpinning as you go. 

If you end up with some snags like this... Don't freak out! It will be hidden anyway ! 

Insert towel... velcro closed... and TA-DA!

Your finished! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Simple right? 

WARNING: This mat is not equipped with buckles. As with all mats and changing tables children should never be left unattended. Do not take your eyes off the little squirmy for ANYTHING! I am serious here folks! This mat is also not secured to the dresser do not forget that! This mat is not made for sleeping. It is too soft and your child can suffocate if left unattended on it. Even on the floor! 

Thanks for using my tutorial for PERSONAL USE ONLY! :D

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