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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black friday re-cooperation & Tutorial

Holy Black Friday Hell!

Yesterday I almost got trampled over some zhu zhu pets, a $8 vacumn, and some $2.80 plastic bins! 
That was just our local wal-mart's 12a.m sale. Than I went and shopped for 12 hours straight in the mall and surrounding stores. 
My sister used a wal-mart employees shoulder to climb over things...and my mom got molested by a very touchy man taking advantage of black friday crazyness.

Needless to say I am pooped. But I did come out of wal-mart with a price match on 8 yards of cuddle fleece @$1.99 a yard! So I can't say I am too disappointed.

So today was a day for healing my poor poor feet & spending some much needed time with my family.

Here is one of those promised tutorial links...
(sorry for the shoddy pictures blame it on ...well it's my fault but pretend it's someone else's)

I have had these little back packs on my list to do for a LONG time. I have just now gotten around to them and I have to say they are absolutely adorable!
Great for toddlers because they do not require velcro or zippers (as I know all to well little fingers can get caught in zippers) They can tip it upside down and because of the simple envelope enclosure nothing will pour out! These toddler back packs are so easy to make!

Only thing I did was when I used stiff fabric I did not use interfacing on the band that goes around the pack. I also would make sure to back stitch several times on the straps!

I whipped these up in 30 minutes a bag including cutting time.

So cute and so easy! Now head on over to Indie Tutes, print the pattern out for FREE, and get to making some back packs! Perfect for christmas!
If you don't have time to sit down and sew one you can purchase one in my shop for a limited time by clicking here...(on sale until sunday at 11:59pm.)

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Colie's Kitchen said...

WOW I wish I had half of your talent! I am not even close!! Hi this is Nicole from Colie’s Kitchen I am sooo excited to be a new follower.

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