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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gouge no more tutorial

Here it is the tutorial I have been promising you!!!

I call these the gouge no more. 

Why? Because they protect your crib that grows with your child into (hopefully) their teen years from being marked with billions of tiny teeth marks! 

My son recently started pulling up on his crib and decided that the railings made good teether's. Unfortunately he was not just making dents he was shaving the wood off! Bad for baby and bad for the crib that will someday become head and foot boards. 

So I remembered seeing cloth biter rail covers (since I didn't like the plastic cause he would probably shave that with his teeth too!) I figured hey cute accessory and productive item as well! So ... Here we go...

First we are going to measure our crib... most standard cribs measure 54x30.

Now here is where we have to do some math on our short sides we are going to do 3 panels so we do 30 divided by 3= 10inches 

Our long side we will do 4 panels so 54 divided by 4 equals= 13.5 inches 

(All panels should be 4-5 inches wide)

Now we need to choose 4 different fabrics. Why 4? 

This is reversible! I like to change things a lot so I made it reversible to support my "habit". 

So cut 8 panels total for your long side (if you have a crib that only has 3 sides they can reach because mine has a high back) and 12 for your short sides! You also need to get some ribbon to match both sides and cut out 26 8 inch pieces of ribbon and heat seal the ends by running a lighter over them for half a millisecond! 

Now we are ready to start sewing! 
I will only explain this once because it is the same for all the sides... 

1} Right sides together we are going to sew our first contrasting panels together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

You should have something like this .,..

Repeat for all of them ....

See easy right? 

2} Now turn over all your panels you have just sewn together and press your seams out like this. 

3} Top stitch each seam so that they lay flat and you should have this... Functional and decorative! 

This is what the bottom should look like. 

Repeat on all panels... 

Now we are going to sew our two contrasting sides together! 

4} (sorry no picture but it is self explanatory)  take one rail cover and lay it out take ribbon and place it at ever seam including the end on both sides so that you can tie it on later! Place the contrasting rail cover on top ride sides together and pin the sides together and the ribbon in place as well at the same time! 
(I did one side at a time) 
When doing it one side at a time I had this after one side was sewn. 

Not sew all the way around remembering to back stitch at each ribbon to make it extra secure cause your little ones will be tugging on these! But don't forget to leave approximately 2 inches to turn the cover right side out...

5} Than top stitch all the way around the cover. 

& now you are finished! TA-DA!

Tie them on those rails and admire your work....

You did a good job today! 

Share this with your friends, make some for yourself, or a friends baby!

Have fun! 

(PERSONAL USE ONLY!!! This pattern while not the only one out there is not intended for commercial use. It is of my own making so please respect that!)

1 comment:

Kim @ seven thirty three said...

This is a great idea! The crib we had purchased for my son is a convertible one that goes from a crib to a toddler bed to a full-size bed. But it was also a sleigh style bed so the plastic covers made for this purpose didn't fit it! All my kids are out of this stage, but I'll have to file this away!

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