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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trick or...stand in line.

My little bug in his halloween outfit... A Modern Day Cowboy!

Ever gone to a halloween walk? 

I did... My first one ever!

It was supposed to be 4 mini cuties, my best friend, and myself.
Well turns out one of our minis had a melt down before we even left and wrote all over the walls of my best friends brand new apartment. So he did not get to do the halloween walk. (harsh? Yes... effective... very!) 

So myself and 3 minis went while best friend and her eldest son sat in the car. 
Now... just in case you have never done a halloween walk before let me explain what it is... Local businesses come and set up with candy and cards. Can you guess who gets what? Yep the parents get jipped! Not to mention there were 215 people... count them 215 people in front of us. No joke. We waited in line for an hour for a 10 minute walk. But... I love those kids. 

So it was fun! 

{best friend and her mini cuties}

{Mommy and bug}

We than went to town for a trick or treat neighborhood walk that the police were helping with by blocking off streets. This was so much fun! (melt down child did get to trick or treat here) To see the joy on my little boys face every time someone fawned over him and to watch him look inside the trick or treat bag at every stop was so funny!

I could just see him licking his lips every time a peanut butter cup went in because he knows that momma let's him have that kind of candy. (he is limited because of the lack of teeth and good chewing abilities at 9 months old)

& he fell asleep the last half a block.

So all in all halloween went great! I even dressed up in my black "budget ninja costume" shirt. 

What did you do for halloween? Lots of candy goodies? Are you sneaking some of them? I know I am! 

1 comment:

CK said...

I loooooooove these pictures!!! How cute!!!
Happy Halloween!

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