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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The day my heart stopped....

Today my heart stopped. At least it felt like it did. 

My son and I co-sleep most nights because when he was born and until just about 2 months ago he had really bad sleep apnea and (still has) myoclonic astatic sleep seizures. Because of the sleep apnea I was terrified even with his machine to let him sleep in his bed so he sleeps with me.

This morning I decided no more co-sleeping for my little dare devil!

We woke up as usual and played kisses. After a few minutes he decided he was too grown up for mommy's love anymore and pointed to the tv for jungle junction. Unfortunately as luck would have it the remote had somehow gotten knocked off of the table during the night so I had to lean over the edge of the bed to search for it. In the 30 seconds (maybe less) that it took me to locate the remote under the edge of the bed, bug crawled down to the end of the bed and onto the card table I had sitting there from the night before. 

I sit up and say," Okay bug let's watch jungle Junc....BUG NO!"

This would be where my heart stopped folks. 

My 10 month old son was now laying on his stomach playing with scrap fabric in the middle of this table. When I got done tripping over myself to get to him I hugged him tight and told him we don't climb on tables and give mommy a heart thing. 

But how can I stay mad when he looks at me and giggles and says momma than gives me a big kiss on my cheek. 

Kid sure does know how to get out of trouble. 


Emily Anne Knight Williamson said...

Did he fall?

Liz said...

And he was being all non-chalant while Mommy is having her "heart thing." :) Maybe it's good that kids have that innocence for a while.

Megan "the" Bug Creator said...

much agreed liz!

And no emily he did not fall! He was just laying there playing...and was only on the table for maybe 20 seconds. It just felt like forever! He thought it was funny!

Emily Anne Knight Williamson said...

What are we going to do with this boy? hm... I'm seeing the "boo-boo buster" baby safing crew visiting your house soon. Hopefully no one will pee in your sink.
And... that will only be funny to those of you who have seen the movie baby mama. ( =

CK said...

Oh man! Those babies keep us on our toes!

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