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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Sentimental Tree

There once was a jealous Christmas tree... The little tree was decorated with lots of random and not so much sense. 
All the other Christmas trees were decorated with care. White with silver bulbs, green with white bulbs, lots of decorator sense and little sentiment.

It complained to it's decorator one day, "Why can't I be like the other trees? I want to match and be pretty, not random and ugly!" The decorator replied, "Oh my big lovely tree, you are not ugly! You are decorated with sentimental ornaments passed down for generations and years. You are the most gorgeous tree of all!"

"What kind of sentiment Ms. Decorator?", replied the tree. 

"Well there is this tiny angel that has been around for at least 30 years, she is a set of plenty of decorate you each year."

"Than you can see the beauty and age in this one from 1985...This was a year before I was born!"

"This handmade beauty is only a couple of years old. But was made by a beautiful woman. Even though she has use of only one of her hands she made lots of these carefully for her family and friends."

"There is a new baby this year. Bug is his nick name and this is his first ever ornament! Next year his christmas morning photo will grace this frame!"

"And last but not least this tiny angel once graced the top of the tree of my great grandmother. She than gave it to my grandparents 51 years ago on their very first christmas together."

"So you see little tree. Your are the most lovely tree of all because you hold years of memories, experience, and sentiment."

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