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Friday, December 31, 2010


Goodbye 2010 HELLO 2011! 

Just when you thought you had 2009 out of your mind and could live that year down, you get to do a total restart! I am so not sure I can live down 2010. 

So far I have managed to not embarrass myself on the blog yet, kudos to me!

Since the "cool" bloggers that I long to be are doing top 10+ blogs for the year end I decided to see if I could do one. Eh... Let's just say I will stick with a top 4 and a mini recap! {totally just added in that mini recap idea}

Great also for art supplies, gardening tools, and more!

These have been my favorite go to gift for new mommies and daddy's! I hate those strap covers with the giant heads on them!

My son still drags this around off and on.

Not my greatest tut but it is quick , cute , and functional. We still use it on really cold nights. 

So this past year has been a crazy one! I have been struggling to start my business while taking care of a new baby. 

In bug recaps... he went from a 10lb 1oz (20 inch length) load of joy...born 4 weeks early btw...

(minutes after he was born)
{a couple of days after birth when the face swelling went down some lol}

To this handsome little 11 month old dude...weighing in at 23lbs and 31 inches tall

I am going to be starting school this coming year so it should add a bit more excitement but I plan on making sure I have a good schedule in place so that I can get stuff done! 

I am also making the standard new years resolution... Lose weight! I need to get healthy for me and my son... 

What is your new years resolution?

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