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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Twas the baby's first Christmas...

Bug had his first Christmas! I of course was way more excited than he was, but that's okay next year will be amazing! 

Christmas morning, Santa, Nana, Great grandparents, auntie Lexy and mommy spoiled him... Just a little. 

Since his Nana, and Aunt's and Uncles live 8 hours away we did a video chat using Skype. Bug that it was awesome! 

Here are some highlights.....

{stuff from his Nana stocking}

{talking to nana p.s. that is a toddler back pack I made him}

{taking his fish out of their fish bowl...another present I made him}

{opening his scout}

{giving scout love... I will be totally writing a review on this over the next couple of weeks}

{Riding his ride on from santa}

{opening his santa stocking... his two favorite spongebob and Reese's}

{He got a dirt devil vacuum since he likes to use mine from his walker... this child non stop vacuums everything now}


In bloggy news... Lots of new stuff happening around here soon. This month is going to be crazy getting ready for valentines, and of course Bug's first birthday! Looking forward to the new year. 

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