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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quick Gift for the Sewer in your life

I am always on the lookout for some awesome gifts for myself the sewers in my life. Awhile back I saw a tutorial somewhere out there in the web about putting magnets on the bottom of a small saucer. I decided that would be perfect for my pins ! However the ceramic bowl saucer that I picked up from wal-mart the other day was too thick! 

So I came up with this ingenious solution! You do not have to know how to sew... or even have a special talent (or tools) to make this!

The Just Enough Magnetic Pin Holder:


 Shallow bowl or saucer
flat magnetic strips with sticky backs (or you can use a glue gun)

Note: I bought all my supplies from wal-mart! The bowl was in the aisle where you can buy individual plates and kind of looks like an ash tray, but it is not. Cost was $1.50.

These are the magnetic strips....

Use one flat set of strips and cut out a circle to fit inside your bowl. 

Remove the sticky back (or use hot glue) and stick it to the INSIDE of the saucer/bowl. 

And guess what? YOUR DONE! 

Yes it was THAT easy! 

The best part is the magnet is strong enough to hold the pins in... (or a bunch of pins as I have tested this morning when I transfered) but it is not strong enough to make it a struggle to get your pins out when you need to use one!

So go and grab some supplies or use your on hand supplies and make a bunch of these for the sewer in your life.. Or make one for yourself!

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