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Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 things I have discovered (believe) as a crafty mommy

Warning: Some Snark Ahead

I am writing this as part of B2S/B2B with Gigi @

10 things that I have discovered (believe) as a crafty mommy...

1. If nap time is craft time than expect naps to be delayed by at least an hour. 
Whenever I have something that I am dieing to get to my son inevitably delays his nap time by 30 minutes to an hour...It never fails! 

2. Sewing with a almost 8 month old on your lap even if it is "just attaching labels" is never a good idea! 
You will need the seam ripper... because your 8 month old will want to help feed the fabric too and since your sitting far back all they can do is grab it and pull in the opposite direction...You might also need $100 and a good repair shop.

3. Be prepared to buy at least a fat quarter of your child's favorite fabric when in store...
It is just too damn cute when they get all excited over that adorable car fabric you had been eyeballing anyway. Ring-er up!

4. Your fabric piles will miraculously get smaller even though you haven't sewn anything in days... You will inevitable find it in your child's hiding spots! Apparently un-sewn fabric makes good blankets and tents. -forehead smack-

5. No matter how well you measure that simplicity pattern is not going to fit your big butt child.
For some reason I do not think they account for children's diapers in their patterns! Not one pattern I have used from Simplicity or Mcalls has EVER fit my son right! Save yourself some time... draft your own pattern!

6. The last 5 minutes is usually the hardest... 
Just when you think YES I AM ALMOST DONE WITH THIS PROJECT! BAM! Crying kids...'nuff said.

7. Sewing machine cover is a must....
You can threaten their lives, toys, and play time and they are still going to mess with your machine!

8. You become experienced with sentences like the following {& how to answer them},
"Auntie Megan, I like it when the poker goes real fast and pokes and says vrooooooommmm! Make the poker go VROOM!"

9. You discover the power of a camera phone.
All those things you thought you could never afford suddenly become affordable because with a few snaps of a camera phone for reference you have all you need to make your own!

And last but not least...

10. You discovered a phrase more annoying than "Mom are we there yet?"..."I want to help sew." 

You hear this and want to shove your head into a blender because it means that the project your working on is going to take 20 times longer! Take it from a pro, punch some holes in paper in a design get a plastic needle and some yarn.


Any tips of things you have learned being a crafty momma? 


Tough Cookie Mommy said...

I think it's awesome that you are talented at sewing. It is a skill that I wish I had kept up with. My Grandmother taught me how to sew, when I was a girl in Spain, and I still sew and mend here and there. However, I missed out on learning more about it when I moved to the States with my parents. It's even more precious that you are spending time with your baby while you are doing it, even if it poses some difficulties. :)
I'm here from b2sb2b

Gigi said...

Funny! I don't sew or craft but I can imagine with the level of detail it requires that having a kid around would make it so hard and frustrating!

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