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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thirfty LOVE

I have a new appreciation for being a thrifty shopper! 

I have always loved going into thrift stores... but I made the ultimate find two days ago... 

I went to my usual and was going to buy about $10.00 worth of fabric that I chose. The lady was ringing me up and said ya know I have 3 boxes of fabric in the back that if you name me a price I will give them to you. 

So we went to the back to look and 3 boxes turned into 4 + what I already had... I told her $25 for everything and she agreed! These were 4 big boxes. I had to throw some of the fab away cause it was useless  fugly.. like 1970's even the hippie's wouldn't wear it ugly. But I got a ton of really good fabric! 

I even found some red flannel that had the yardage tag from walmart still on it... from... 1985!!! Never been used..!

There was also this bolt of gorgeous floral from walmart that was sold to the previous owner for 1.50 a yard... 20 yds total... & a finished quilt top... (underneath the 20 yds)

Oh and I got this adorable shirt for .50 that Bug is wearing. 

Successful shopping trip? 

I think so.

1 comment:

O. said...

That's a lot of fabric, good deal. And your son is adorable.

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