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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Link it up Saturday!

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming....

Sorry for the shift from our regular schedule there folks! Last weekend was crazy!
Between labor day, family reunions, and grumpy babies I just could not keep up! 

Here is something that caught my eye the last week we had Link it up! 

I just love this adorable quilt hanging that was done for a 50th anniversary celebration @The Craft Barn

Now remember the linky party is open until wednesday so that you can get your stuff in! 

I am sure you know the rules by now but if your just joining us ,or have short term memory loss like myself, let me refresh your memories! 

Link up any DIY | Crafty project (or baked good) that you have done. 
Or it could be one that you admire that someone else has done. 

This includes:
-wood & metal work
-decorating a room
-good family meal
-etc... You get the picture!

What not to do or you will be deleted....
-link a store (including etsy stores)
-link to something profane (remember we are family oriented)
-link to anything NOT DIY or CRAFTY or BAKED!

I really don't like being mean. So please don't make me use my "mommy voice." 

So grab a button and slap it on that post...
(if you don't I can't feature you)

And above all...




Myrtle said...

Visiting from Blog Frog. I love the art of sewing and wish I could slow down and learn how to do it properly. I love sewing crafts. Your blog looks great. I especially like the orange!

CK said...

Wow! I LOVE that quilt hanging!!! Beautiful!

Stacy and Carol said...

You may have already done this but if not you should post this on the blog frog.
All I have is a Zazzle store and a Amazon store so they don't really fit with this linky but I'm sure there are a lot of blogs out there that would appreciate your idea and link up!
New follower

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