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Monday, September 6, 2010

Not so Wordless Mondays- Watermelon

Kludgy Mom

Have you checked out the B2S/B2B 6 week course going on over at
Gigi has put together a 6 week course to kick our bloggy butts back into shape! :D
It kicks off on Sept 12th and doesn't require an everyday commitment! So it is perfect for all of us busy bloggers/mommies. 


So I am def running behind this week... I am so sorry but it has been hectic with labor day! In fact I did not even do a Link it Up Saturday this week because of it!
{we will pick up this coming Saturday with Link it up} 

This weekend we were super busy with a family reunion and lots of cleaning!

{getting ready for our big reunion}

I am also trying something new with Bug... It is called Baby led weaning or baby led solids. The whole point is to never give them purees just start them on regular big people food right away at 6 months... Teach them to chew before they swallow!! Well we had already started purees since 5 months... But since I just read about this the last few weeks we have been trying more solids like vienna sausage chicken bites and banana etc... He has done good so far... 

Today we tried Watermelon! And boy did he love it!
Don't believe me? 

{Chewing a big chunk... it kinda made me nervous}

{Where'd it go ma?}

We had an eventful week! 

Oh and I didn't even get to tell you about my 4 boxes of mystery fabric I got for $25.00 when I was playing the thrifty shopper the other day! 
But that is for another day!

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