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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Be my Valentine

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In the past I haven't been much of a Valentine's day girl. I have the unfortunate luck of either breaking it off or just not having anyone for V-day. Not complaining though! I am not much for commercialized holidays anyway. However I have my little man this year and he is the only man for me.

I saw an adorable shirt in wal-mart the other day that said Eligible Bachelor. But I did not like the cheesy bowtie thing on it. Kind of made me cringe at the attempt to be cute. So I did what any other crafty momma would do. I came home and made my own shirt! 

Hope this provides some inspiration...

Bachelor for the side (only thing I wish I did here was make the letters go up the side so that you had to tilt your head to read it... Know what I mean? B at the bottom. Okay hope that made sense) 

My bug wears his heart on his sleeve. 

Shirt- $3 wal-mart
On hand- freezer paper, fabric paint, iron, adorable child. 

Total Cost: $3

How to: I used photoshop and combined images to make the heart with the arrow. I than chose a font that I liked off of I printer both images out directly onto (the paper side) freezer paper that I cut into 8x10 sheets. 

Cut out the images with an exacto knife on a cutting mat (so that you don't mess up your table). Grab up fabric paint of your choice and your iron. Iron the freezer paper onto your shirt on a low heat setting.

 Once it is all sealed apply fabric paint liberally or not so liberally if you want a distressed look. Put in a location where little fingers cannot grab it and let it dry over night. Peel off freezer paper and enjoy! (don't forget to use a pressing cloth once it is dry and iron the fabric paint to heat set it)

Enjoy! Have a awesome V-day!

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

Oh! That is so cute and so affordable too. Maybe my untalented self can find a way to make these too. I really love the heart on the sleeve!

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