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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm not just a mom!


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As women we usually grow up going to the mall with friends, taking long hot showers, & doing our makeup and hair before we leave the house.

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Than we become mothers and majority of the time we no longer have time for us. While being a mother is hard, being a single mother is just as, if not often more, difficult. As the sole provider of care 365 days a year I rarely have the luxury of an occasional long shower while someone keeps an eye on my son. 

So how do I keep from going crazy while not sacrificing precious time or neglecting bug? Another blog that I read faithfully introduced me to two life changing words when bug was about 3 months old....

Nighttime Crafting. 

Imagine my surprise when I realized that just because he was in bed didn't mean that it was time to only clean. I could have some time to me doing something that I love. Being a first time mom I really had not come across this concept yet because I fully believed that my life should revolve around baby 24 hours a day.

Since Bug is usually down for the night by 7:30-8:00 and I run as fast as my little chubby legs will carry me to my utopia, baby monitor in hand. I than usually spend from 8:00 until 12 midnight losing myself in music and sewing. 

Since this eye opening revelation I have come to the conclusion that even though I may not get to do my hair and makeup every time I leave the house.  And I usually have to take my long hot shower while my 1 year old plays peek-a-boo around the shower curtain. Or that I consider wal-mart to be my new mall/social outing. As long as I have my time to craft I can hold onto my sanity. 


I am not just a mom, I am a woman too!


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