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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Walking away...

I feel like he is walking away from me. My son that is. He decided that since he is 1 now he has to grow up. Mommy is not a very happy camper about this! Bug is now walking all on his own... everywhere! 

Unfortunately as most parents know this means a LOT more bumps, and falls. 

Yesterday while getting ready for a trip to urgent care for bug because of his stomach issues it turned into a trip to make sure he did not have a concussion as well because he tried to run across the bathroom and ended up tripping on the carpet and hitting his head above his eyebrow against the edge of the tub. After confirming that he indeed did NOT have a concussion just a pretty red mark that would fade later that evening we came home and what does he do? Falls... AGAIN... This time trying to push his lightening mcqueen across the house sideways, which needless to say never works well on hardwood floors. 

Today he is so dang pleased with himself he literally walked circles around his foam bag all day! It was so dang cute. 

They sure do grow up fast...

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