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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Laundry mat comedy...

Welcome to Comedy Thursdays! 

(yeah totally just made that up) 

Today I thought I would share with you a bit of laundry mat humor from my trip yesterday with my friend. Not only does our laundry mat truly believes in signs. They have signs for everything! (including a ton of out of order signs) 

One sign just cracks me up every time I go in there and I want to steal it so bad! But that is bad... Don't steal kids, You'll go to jail and I can't ever take a shower without dropping the soap .

I did not get a photo because I was busy chasing my 1 year old but the sign says "Parents: PLEASE CONTROL YOUR CHILDREN!" 

Amen laundry mat sign AMEN! 

(he grabbed my camera off the couch brought it to where I was laying and laid on my arm)

Than to top is all off my 1 year old, who just learned to walk, decided going out the door was a fun game to play with mommy. Unfortunate for him he  missed the door one time and ran smack into the floor to ceiling window. Not only did he run smack into it but he did it with a hands up splat (yes I laughed... no that doesn't make me a bad mother... I made sure he was okay, eventually) 

But that is not even the best part folks! My drama king proceeds to slide down the glass with his forehead and hands all the way to the floor where he ever so daintily sits and puts his head on his legs. 

Than looks up at me and laughs. Yep he laughed. He is such a little comic. 

(at dinner tonight learning to eat with a fork)

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