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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting that guilty feeling...

I am having bloggers guilt. 

I neglected the blog for several days. 

I didn't even post a hi! 

But I promise... there was a good reason...!

( I will be guest posting at Ready Set Create all about how I did this party on the cheap side later next week!)

(yes he was leaning upside down)

Unfortunately Bug was not feeling all that great so this adorable face...

Turned into this...

& the next day after a visit to Urgent care we found out that he has a severe ear infection in his ... you guessed it ... Right ear. He is feeling much better now! 

Mommy and bug opening presents. 

All of the above photos were taken by ( a new friend ) Jebbica at Photos By Jebbica whom was hired by my amazing friend Emily over at PaperPixieCrafts

This picture was snapped by my cousin Robert. We had quite a few people there. I think at last count it was 38! 

And just to show you how spoiled he is, 

Not one.. but two ride ons! lol 

So now that we are getting over ear-aches, party coma, and the massive toy clean out I did, I will get back to writing. :D I have a few things in mind. 

How was your weekend? 

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