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Monday, August 30, 2010

Quilting is terrifying...

Until you do it!!! 

It is not hard at all! Now granted I did not put together a quilt I used a solid top and bottom... but I did free-motion quilt! 

I never even opened my quilting feet! lol Sad I know... But they are out and breathing now! 

Quick Story as to why I tackled this ... 

I have been wanting to try quilting for a long while now! But the other day my son, grandmother, and I were at wal-mart. We were in the baby department and Bug saw a spongebob bedding set... so I grabbed it off the shelf and let him look at it while I searched for a price checker because it was on clearance with no price... and since bug IS getting a new crib... he needed some bedding anyway! So scanned it... and its $35... It will be a cold day in hell  a long time before I pay $35 for a pillow case sheet and puny blanket! 

So I put it back on the shelf at which time Bug started crying that heart breaking you just took my world away cry that I have never heard from him before except when he had to leave me at the hospital for my gallbladder surgery... So I gave it back to him and he stopped...

My thoughts... "Oh shit... he is in love with spongebob."

So off to the fabric dept we went where I picked up SB fabric and he proceeded to laugh and chew on it the rest of the way through the store...

After I snuck it away during a nap I was able to come up with this the next day... :D 

Oh so cute!!! 

I really wish someone had told me how tedious it is to hand sew binding on though! :P

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1 comment:

Kristin said...

I so wish I knew ho to sew! Le sigh. Stopping by from the SITS FB call out!

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