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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When in rome...

Rome... ah gotta love it... 

Not Rome, Italy! Psh I am not rich folks! 
{Just for extra cuteness... my little bookworm}

No I am talking about Rome, Ga. A town not far from me. 
I visit quite often as it is really a "city" compared to where I live, but even 3 times in one week is a bit too much for me! 

So far, 

Monday- Bugs 6 month check up 
Wednesday-My follow up with the surgeon & errands
Wednesday- back an hour after we got home to go out to dinner with the grandparents

(btw it is now $25 to get the county to print out a piece of freaking computer paper with some ink on it stating your child's name, date and place of birth. Needless to say I told them they could keep that piece of paper)

Friday- Off again to pick up his pictures... give in and buy the world's most expensive piece of paper...& shop for a big boy crib.

Sunday- Going out with some friends. 

I am really getting tired of Rome. 

However while I was there today what did I see? BOUTIQUES! Yes 2 boutiques that I did not know about! It is a crime to open one near me and not tell me. :P I must remedy this quickly, and will do so on Friday. 

So that is why I have been sort of incognito this week. 

Now back to sewing up 11 beautiful owls :D

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