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Thursday, August 12, 2010

6 months!

Time sure does fly! Seems like just yesterday I was holding my brand new 10lb 1oz babe in my arms. 
Now he is 6 months old and scooting along! 

Today we went to Sears and I applied for a job and got Bugs pics done. They turned out really good. 

Here are my favs...

(He kept trying to climb up on it even though he can't even stand and hold on on his own most times!)

(my favorite I got a 10x13)

(sitting up all on his own and every time he would laugh he would fall over!)

I love sears photographers! I used to work for the same company myself once upon a time doing photography so I tend to jump in and position etc... I try not to. I think I did good at staying out of it this time! lol

What have we accomplished recently?

-Pretty good at sitting up on own
-eating stage 2 solids and some stage 3
-scooting along on the floor
-figured out how to make the walker go forward AND backwards
-gives kisses
-says mama and papa
-shakes head no and uses it in the right context most times
-is adorable... oh wait he has been that since day 1 ! 


Amy xxoo said...

That sure is one cute dude!
As you know, my Flynn is a little older than Bug there and not crawling or talking yet, so that list there looks impressive!
Happy half birthday Bug...

Megan @ Bug Creator-Crafts and Life said...

@Amy xxooI have a feeling mine is gonna be running before he walks! lol Bug doesn't crawl either he puts his head down on the floor and scoots. lol Thanks for stopping by!

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