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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting a Head start...

So I won a gift card to CSN awhile back and half of the card went to my son. Since he has more than enough toys for now I decided to get a head start on birthday and Christmas. 

This is part of his birthday:

Wooden toys are all the rage and every kid has to have some right? So for his 1st birthday he will have some!
Ignore the 18+ months :P He is "advanced" for his age.
The other part of his 1st birthday is a trip to disney world in Orlando, Florida with a friend of mine and my mom and sibs (hopefully). 

This is part of his Christmas:

I figure around christmas he will be 11 months old and should be walking or starting to walk one or the other. So this is part of his christmas present. It not only is pushable but it can be rode on and has a little seat for his owlie!

(this may change later and if he starts to walk sooner he may get it sooner)

But for now they are hidden away upstairs (not that he knows what they are lol)! 

Are you getting a head start on your children's christmas or birthday? 
What have you gotten so far?

P.s. I made yummy rainbow cupcakes today! So look for that post sometime tonight or tomorrow! Not sure I am going to surprise you guys! ;D

1 comment:

Emily Anne Knight Williamson said...

He's gonna love these! I can't wait to see his little face when he opens gifts this Christmas. Aw. ( =

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