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Monday, August 9, 2010

Vinyls on Mirrors? YES PLEASE!

Remember when we won the contest @ Living With Lindsay?
I won my choice of two awesome vinyls from Xpresiv Designs store!
Well we got them in the mail and I immediately ran out and bought two mirrors from walmart!

I decided that since I did not know where we would be in a few months I wanted the option to bring my lovely quotes without having to cut out pieces of the wall! 
{Yeah I so would have done that... well maybe not but it's a thought!}

Here are the end results...
{For my room}

{For Bugs room}

I can't wait to get them hung up! 

I have to say that I was very pleased with how well the vinyls applied and how easy it was too! 
I have never worked with them before so it was eazy peezy with the instructions included. 
5 bugs out of 5 for Xpresiv Designs

Vinyls: Free
Mirrors: $5 a piece
Total: $10.00!


(While I did receive the vinyls free it was not intended for a review, but given to me through a giveaway, and all views are solely my thoughts)

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