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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Goodbye Gallbladder!

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(This is going to be a long but slightly comical story... just warning ya)

Okay back to our regularly scheduled programming... Brought to you... by the good doctors at Floyd hospital! 

Thank you Dr. Riley, the emergency room staff & the staff on floor 4! 

So here is the story... Remember how I mentioned in THIS POST about how I would be gone for a bit? 

Well I thought I would be out of commission for a LONG TIME! Turns out I finally got a competent doctor! Ever since I had my son in February I have had horrible bouts of stomach pains that radiated into my back between my shoulder blades. It felt like someone was ramming a telephone poll through me! 

I would have one of these "attacks" every week for 4 months, and every week for 4 months I would end up in our local ER for pain medicine and nausea medicine. No one could figure out what was wrong with me, even though I tried to explain to them that WebMD already diagnosed me !

After going to my OB/GYN [because I thought maybe they screwed something up  made a mistake...] and being referred to a Gastroenterologist that did every test under the sun and still couldn't figure out what was wrong, I had officially resigned myself to being on the ER crazy drug seeking people list. 
(yes they really have one of these lists)

The attacks stopped happening so frequently around my sons 5 month birthday... and than resumed again this past week with a vengeance

My grandmother was hospitalized after having a TIA (mini stroke) on Saturday... I was home alone with my son and of course what should happen? I have a gallbladder attack that literally renders me unable to do ANYTHING except crawl to the bathroom and throw up (6:15am). I sat on the floor in the bathroom praying to the porcelain gods and remembering my "college" days. 

I somehow managed to drag myself to a telephone and call a friend of mine who never showed up because of "mis-communication" and some pain pills(7:45am)... 
So I sat on the floor in the bathroom from 6:30 am until 8:45am with a few runs to the bedroom to calm my son down and give him a bottle and than run back to the bathroom. By 8:45am I had decided I was feeling well enough to get me and r.bug dressed and head to the hospital.
A quick 15 pack up in which I made bottles stuffed clean clothes for R.bug in the diaper bag and bundled him into the car still in his pjs laughing at mommies funny faces & a 45 minute drive later we arrived at the hospital.

My granddad made his way over from the other hospital and picked up R.bug so I would not have to deal with him during the hospital process. Long and short of this part of the trip..
-they gave me morphine for pain and zofran for nausea
-it took them 5 sticks to get the iv in cause I was so dehydrated they finally got it in between my knuckles... OUCH!
-they did an ultrasound said it was gall stones (hallelujah!) and said it wasn't serious enough to warrant emergency surgery and sent me home with a card for a local surgeon...

So my grandmother got to come home from the hospital and I ended up back at the hospital at 10pm that same night.. With my granddad and son in tow. We sat in the er with me throwing up, & R.bug flirting with all the nurses until 3 am when they decided that it would be a good idea to admit me for the night. 

So a tearful goodbye later I was in a bed in the hospital and R.bug went to stay the night with granddad and grandma!

I had surgery the next morning at 11am and they removed my VERY sick gallbladder.

They wanted to keep me another night but I cried and threatened them with death because my son had cried for hours from being separated from his mommy the night before and they let me go home to save themselves.

So here I am ... I am feeling good thanks to the feel good pills they sent home and I am no longer reminiscing my "college" days next to the toilet! 

So once again a big heartfelt thanks to the Floyd ER. For FINALLY believing that I was not crazy and there was something wrong with me!

Anyone else had a similar experience?

[Emily left Me right]

Oh and BIIIIGGG Thanks to my friend Emily over @ Paperpixiecrafts... She came over and stayed the night with my son and I last night so that my grandad could have a rest with taking care of everyone. She was a big huge help!

[pre r.bug days @ my baby shower I think]


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Emily Anne Knight Williamson said...

No problem Meg! I hope you get to feeling better soon. ( =

Emily Anne Knight Williamson said...

LOVE IT! ( =

Anonymous said...

I know you wrote this awhile ago but I just wanted to say whoa! I can't believe those doctors didn't realize that it was your gallbladder! I have a problem with mine too - I was having what I thought were "gas attacks" ...I would be popping gas-x like crazy and otherwise just wiggling on the floor/bed for like 4 hours until the pain would finally go away. Eventually, when I was pregnant, it was so bad I thought I was having a heart attack or something bad was happening to the baby, so I called the ambulance and when I got to the hospital (started throwing up) they pretty much figured it out within 20 minutes or so. They told me to try to get through the pregnancy, if I wasn't pregnant they would remove it right then and there! I was too chicken to get it removed after the baby was born, so I've been eating fat-free for a year and it still gives me attacks like once a month or so :/ but better than before. I kinda think I'll only be "brave" enough to have it out if I have an emergency surgery!!
Sorry so long! Your blog is great by the way, and your baby is so sweet <3

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