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Monday, October 18, 2010

Coming soon..& Not so Wordless Monday

There are going to be some changed coming around here over the next couple of weeks! I am so excited! 

 I have mainly done my "business" as a hobby in the past... Now I am buckling down and I am going to stop playing business owner and BE a business owner. I even bought a marker board calendar! -gasp-

So stick around and check back often...

Think...Tutorials once every 2 weeks at fun things....Lots more posts!


This week we decided to check out the outside world....

{Bug discovered leaves yesterday}

{Our Butterfly Bush}

{My baby has learned to pull up and stand up}

{A peek down our road}

{Bug can be so precious and sweet he loved watching the leaves fall}

{We have discovered that the rug where he starts out is not a fence...}

{Such a curious little man}

{Standing up all by his-self}

{A fleece blanket I made for Bug}

{Close up of the appliqué I was afraid to do}

{Enjoying his blanket}


notyet100 said...

waitn for the tutorials

CK said...

I love that blanket! And what a beautiful shot of that butterfly!

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