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Monday, October 4, 2010

Shoes with Sole

Today has just been one of those days where I looked at my son and wanted to burst into tears... Not because of anything he did but because he is growing up so fast that I dread tomorrow. I want him to stay tiny forever! 

Today he attended his first kid birthday party for his cousin B's first birthday. We went to a local inflatable play place and he had a blast watching all the other kids, jumping, and sliding.

{we are learning to help mommy take our clothes off and he thought leaving the shirt on his head was hilarious}

He also turned 8 months today... only 4 more months until his first birthday!

He had his first official bleeding boo boo and I didn't even realize it! 
He was in his walker and ran into a wall and cried so I knew he had hurt something I figured he had bumped his mouth on his toy when he hit the wall. Apparently he bit his tongue cause 30 minutes later I found blood on my shirt where he buried his face. Poor baby he was fine within like 25 seconds of me picking him up but I still feel bad. 

& finally

That day has come...
Bug's first "big boy shoes". 

We are going this week to Stride Rite in Chattanooga.
He is going to be fitted for shoes and get his first pair of "walking" shoes because he is running all over in his walker and tries to make me let go of his hands to walk on his own even though he can't quite stand on his own! {silly boy}

I have already been scouring glancing through their online store and found a 15% off coupon! 
{At $40 a shoe I wanted to run in the other direction... I don't even spend that much on MY SHOES!}

These are great shoes! Especially since they have shoes made for babies that are just starting walking! They are not those hard soled hardly bendable shoes that older children and adults are used to wearing. So I am willing to spend that extra buck for my hippy shoe hating son to be happy.

Here are my choices...

I LOVE the look of this shoe and how it will match a lot of stuff! It is all boy but with 'sole'. 

My second choice. I like the colors for sure. I am not as crazy about the laces on the top but I could def deal with it & it looks a bit more bulky than my other choice. 

I am so nervous about all of these "steps" that we are taking lately. At first it seemed like it was so slow and now it is just snowballing and everything is happening at once! 

How did you take it with your child's first shoes? Any advice pre-shopping?

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