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Friday, October 29, 2010

Host it!

Thanks for having your anniversary and giving me a domain for $1.
You are officially my favorite conglomerate company in the web...well minus's awesome game section... but let's just face it there is no competing with something than can entertain your 8 month old for longer than 10 minutes.

In case your wondering what all my babbling is about... We are officially ... a .com!!! YAY! is having their anniversary sale & that means $1 domains and free unlimited hosting for a year!

I was going to switch to Wordpress in free unlimited hosting bliss but soon discovered that WP is just not for me. Sorry folks @ WP I know your disappointed to see me breeze through, but your a bit complicated for my tastes. I am a single mother, business owner, and student. I don't have time for complications! 

So... update your rss feeds... or don't cause I think it will probably still work...

Tell your friends... or... no wait really tell your friends... 

& above all... Enjoy the new .com name and all the good stuff that comes with... Like the picasa tutorial coming up tomorrow! 

& don't forget to follow me on my facebook fan page..Not only is it great to keep in touch with me and have silly conversations or watch me ramble on about how blogger hates me....buuuttttt I use it as my slapped together store for Bug Designs & we are having a couple of End of October sales! 

{I was on no way compensated by, or for mentioning them in this post... I just happen to think the first two are awesome and the last one is complicated :] }

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