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Friday, October 1, 2010

Just a short ...

Tomorrow is the big day... My first ever craft festival... I did not want to make too many different items to take so I have 8 different items but several versions of each item... it is great! I did not get to make my monsters though. I was going to do them tonight and I got sick as a dog. I am talking I have been puking and other more TMI things all day. I can't move without being sick. 

I am hoping this is just a 24 hour bug so that I can function tomorrow and be friendly. 

Don't forget the giveaway ends at 12 midnight saturday night EST. Get your entries in before than! 

If your local and want to come visit... The Sum-Nelly festival is 10/2/2010 in Northwest Georgia... A small town called Summerville, GA. It attracts hundreds of visitors every year! There is arts and 

It is at Dowdy park across from ingles shopping center. Hope to see you there! 

P.s. have I mentioned that I am sad that national sewing month is officially over? 

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