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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tie blanket & a sneak peek

Hancock Fabrics is having a sale on their fleece... 3.99 a yard for regular fleece and walmart will price match! So I might have went a little bit crazy.

Bug really likes spongebob. He watches the theme song a lot (because than mommy usually switches the channel) and for some reason he has become attached to "the bob". So because he cried I love him & he is sick I decided to get some Spongebob fleece they had on sale at wal-mart and combine it with cuddle fleece and make my first ever tie blanket! 

It came out really cute and is heavy enough to provide lots of warmth in our cold bedroom!

Want to make one too?

Cut out the size blanket you want. Fleece is usually 60" wide so I did a 60" length with a 50" width.

Lay out your blankets wrong sides together and pin in place with diaper pins (or regular pins) than take your scissors, prep your hands to be sore, & have fun! Cut 1 1/2" -2" wide strips approximately 3" long all around the blanket. After your done cutting sit back put on a movie and start tying all those piece into knots. 

Step back and appreciate your hard work! 

& here is a sneak peek of a tutorial coming next week! 
I would tell you what it is but it is a secret! SSHHHH!!!!

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