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Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am going DOOOOOWWWNNNN!!! This ship is doing a spiral down in a tube of water.... 

Okay enough with the theatrics! I purchased a domain name... I have free hosting for a year... I decided to switch to Wordpress.... And that is where the bad idea came in... I have no clue how to work with wordpress. I want a layout like I want it and I can't find a layout similar or one to edit cause well I don't know how to edit them. Someone help! 

Free wordpress themes? Know of a good site? And I don't mean the first one that comes up in google. I mean a GOOD site. (unless of course the first one is good in which case you have my humblest apologies!) 

I am begging of you ... wordpress newbies, and experts... help me please!

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