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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Adventure in Recovering (with some sewing thrown in)

My poor computer chair is old ANCIENT! 
The butt cushion in it was no longer cushion-y.
 Hell, who am I kidding? My large butt smoothered it! lol It was non-existent! 

So in true crafty-ness I decided that it was necessary to recover it. 

Problem? Why yes! I have NEVER recovered anything. 

I hear the gasps yes I am sadly a recovering virgin. 

So with a little help from a staple gun and my trusty new Brother sewing machine (have I mentioned the new new sewing machine? the singer I bought took a dump after a week :O) I managed to make my old ratty gray chair...

Into this new beauty!

The bottom was easy because you stretch some fabric and staple away making sure it is smooth. 

The back however was a bit of a problem. After an hour of staring and growling at the chair and the fabric I finally came up with the idea to put the fabric right side to the chair and pin ALL THE WAY AROUND! (well minus the very very bottom)

I than took it off and sewed all the way around my pins minus the bottom. 

I than turned it right side out trimmed off the bottom excess and seam excess hemmed the bottom and put it on my chair! 

Isn't it pretty? 

(the chair at "work") 
[excuse the messiness and the lack of a sheet on my bed... 5 month old and acid reflux... Nuff said!]

So if your scared to recover something it really is not all that bad! This took me 2 yards of fabric to do and I still had some room for error. 

Good luck bloggers!


Aimee said...

love it! you could make a changeable back cover with some stretch cotton or jersey i bet. =) then, if there is an over the shoulder spit up while sitting in the chair, just take it off, toss it in the wash, and pull out another beauty. =p

motherhood unedited said...

Actually I had already thought of that so when I made it I made sure to leave the bottom hemmed but open (will prolly add velcro later on but I was not that adventurous yesterday) So if he spits up I can just take it off cause it is stretchy material and I sewed (is that a word even?) when a stretch zig stitch :D

Tanyia said...

Stopping by via the 733 link party.

This turned out pretty cute! You did a great job. I have only recovered something once... I did dining room chairs and like you said it is easy cause you do not have to be so neat. I am not sure if I could pull off a a chair like this!

motherhood unedited said...

Thanks for stopping by. The bottom was very easy but the top was a bit challenging until I figured out what I was doing and than it was eazy peezy too :D

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