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Thursday, July 22, 2010

And.... We have a NURSERY!

A nursery? What?! NO WAY! 


Yep I am pretty much jumping up and down excited to say that I am converting the guest bedroom next to my bedroom into a nursery. 

So I decided to let you guys in on the revamp! 

So from the beginning half way through moving furniture out.

nurserymakeover.jpg picture by rylansmomma10
[walking in the door]

nurserymakeover_1.jpg picture by rylansmomma10

nurserymakeover_2.jpg picture by rylansmomma10

nurserymakeover_3.jpg picture by rylansmomma10
[my little sewing area]

Now please keep in mind this is not finished by any means! I still have LOTS of decorating to do !!!! :P 

Nurserymakeover_4.jpg picture by rylansmomma10

Nurserymakeover_5.jpg picture by rylansmomma10Nurserymakeover_6.jpg picture by rylansmomma10

Nurserymakeover_7.jpg picture by rylansmomma10

The art on the walls is coming down. I plan on doing "clothesline" art across the wall where his bed is. 

I cannot wait! 

What do you guys think? Any suggestions for decorating? 



Purple Quilter Queen said...

Cool! Coming along nicely. Love your little sewing nook too! Jenn

Megan @ Motherhood Unedited said...

Thanks :D I am hoping that the sewing thing works for now. I figure until he starts walking I am good. I might make a cover for the table that I can velcro closed? Out of sight out of mind? -crosses fingers-

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