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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

He can't help it...[vent]

I heard this one too many times today.

"Megan have some patience he can't help being sick." 

Oh really? Yeah no joke ! 

I know I am a first time mom but really? I am not that stupid. I know that people cannot help getting sick. I also know that babies cannot help but be 10 times the handful they were before. 
Considering I have had at the most 3 hours of sleep a night for the past 15 days I think I am doing pretty dang good! 

We have suffered hard these past couple of weeks. 
R.bug has been sick with the viral infection from hell. Which has led us to the hospital once and the doctors twice. 

We also had to visit the torture chamber at the doctors for an x-ray, blood, cath, & strep throat culture. 
For those of you who don't have the distinct pleasure of a baby with severe acid reflux a cold means that not only do you have a regular sick baby on your hands but it means you have a reflux sick baby and that is just NOT pretty. 

(That should really say you have a throwing up constantly can't keep anything down including reflux meds, hoarse voiced child that wants to scream not only cause they are sick but because they feel like their throat is on fire from all the extra acid that the drainage from their nose is causing.)

So why did I get told to have some patience? 

Because I said "R.bug please ... that is ENOUGH!" [no I did not yell I was just exasperated and the enough was emphasized... you mommies know what I mean] after 15 minutes of a tantrum because he wanted to be walked around the house. 
Sorry kiddo but mommy cannot walk for 2 hours straight without any breaks! 
I don't know how other single moms do it. 
What my family does not understand is that I have NO HELP at night. I am up all by myself dealing with an infant that cannot breathe to eat and cannot lay down to sleep. 

On top of it all I am sick and have been sick. 

Please Please Please the gods that be... let my baby feel better.

I can't help but love him, especially when sucking out his nose he likes to watch in the mirror and laughs at the boogers coming out! 

July2010_76.jpg picture by rylansmomma10

Only my boy!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Hugs mommy! I hope he gets better soon. I know what you mean though. When my little fellow is sick and I am the only one caring for him it can get hard and a little frustrating. Hope he feels better soon.

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