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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear mister mouse...Your being evicted!

Dear Mister Mouse , 

Living in my bedroom is completely unacceptable! I will not tolerate it! 

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What I am really complaining about would be the rude awakening you gave me last night. Practically running over my foot at 2 am almost made me pee my pants! 

Do you know how much it took for me not to scream bloody murder?

If I had woken my sleeping baby up because of you... [growls] You would not be alive today to receive this letter!
Remember that kitty that has taken up on our front porch?
Don't make me USE HER!

Now if you were the cute kind of mouse like... 

Than I would keep your around... 

But as it stands you are being EVICTED my friend  frien-emy!

So this is your official notice... LEAVE OR ELSE!

I am going to do this the nice way and put down a no kill trap... Go quietly and you can live

We won't even discuss what will happen if you don't...

Just know that it will not end good for you!


The mother that you don't want to mess with.

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