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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Difficult to write a blog with a kid on your lap

So difficult to write a truly effective blog with a 5 month old hanging all over you. But here goes! 

As I am sure you can figure out from the previous statement my son is having a I want my mommy and she is the only one who will do week. 

I love those days... However a week is starting to wear on me because I have so many new things to try !!! 

Hancock Fabrics had a massive sale! Oh yeah! I was so happy to say the least. I got over 150 dollars worth of patterns for 10 bucks! Stuff I had been obsessing over eyeballing but not had the money to really invest. 

I will take a picture of my bounty to post later on :D But this just means that I am going to have lots of sewing to do!

I also got to have a mommy away from kids day! -insert applause here- 

My best friend C. And I went to see eclipse (yes I am a twilight fan) and went shopping. It was so nice to have a few hours away, something that I literally have not had since my R.bug was born 5 months ago. 

I did however miss him and he missed me because he practically jumped into my arms when I got home. 

More later! 

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