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Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Flip Offs #2


Today is a good day for a flip off fest because BOY DO I HAVE A FEW

First off this is for my son....

To the idiots at the doctors office....What the hell is up with the x-ray torture device? Really haven't we moved up in times where we have this invention called a table to lay on? Not only did my precious angel have to scream for blood withdrawl, and being cath'd to get urine but when I promised him (not that he understood at 5 months old) that the torture was over and he could just lay on a table you brought out ... THIS!

[Side Note: This is not my kiddo... What sort of horrible person thought this up? And really what did they give this kid to get him to be so dang good?]
Thanks for making my infant scream...AGAIN!
Next time you decide to stick my baby in one of these .... expect one of these

in a no no zone... Kind of like 


To the mouse currently living somewhere in my house... STOP SCARING THE BEEJESUS OUT OF ME! Flip off! 

Jo-anns Fabrics... stop sending me ads in my email that I did not sign up for. It really makes me mad because I really like your store but the closest one is an hour and a half away... You don't want to see me angry!


Kourtney And Khloe Take Miami (kourtney to be specific)- Really woman? You think you need to lose weight? Have you looked in a mirror lately?

I am so jealous it is not even funny... Flip off show !

'Nuff said.



Gigi said...

OMG. That apparatus on your baby is shocking. And it makes me want to scoop him up and take him away. Poor guy.

You did a great job on the flips. Have a GREAT weekend :)

Pumpkin and Piglet said...

Oh your poor little guy, that looks scary for him! He looks like he's being so brave though. Great flips :)

Maureen @ TatterScoops said...

Your poor baby! :( Hope he's feeling better today tho'
I can't stand watching the Kardashian show LOL.
Hope you'll have a great weekend.

MommaKiss said...

"in the no no zone"
your poor bebeh. jaysus.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to drive to Miami and forcefeed her dozens of Krispy Kreme doughnuts when she said that. Seriously.

alicia said...

Your flips are hilarious. And what the crap is that baby in? Seriously?

Megan @ Motherhood Unedited said...

lol Amy... I know what you mean... I used to live in miami I wanted to call a friend and be like QUICK KOURTNEY IS HAVING A CRISIS SHE NEEDS DOUGHNUTS, ICE CREAM, MCDONALDS! lol

Megan @ Motherhood Unedited said...

Alicia, it is to hold them still and upright for chest x-rays... Personally I think laying them on a freaking table works a lot better because my kid was NOT so still.

Rachel said...

Megan, the trade is a no go cause I think we already have a mouse in the house and I so dont need another and I really hope the your baby gets well soon...

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